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Peoples Court..."Cat Killer"  

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Hey all,
A few weeks ago I posted on an episode I saw of The Peoples Court,, where a guy had killed his girlfriends cat by decapitating it with a sword.

I just saw that this episode will be aired again on Tuesday, Sept. 11, not sure of the time.

I am not sure of the laws on all this, but this case outraged me, and if after viewing it, any of you have suggestions on how to be sure this ba*ta*d gets what he deserves, please let us know.

From what I saw the woman was allowed a small amount for damage done to her home, the cats life was not really adressed in my opinion.

The show is aired here in Portland Oregon on WB ....please try to see it, I'm sorry I dont have better info on time and channel, but it shouldnt be that hard to find.

Excuse me if I sound preachy, but this really bothered me!

Oh yeah, the original post was called Cat Killer.

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I saw the preview yesterday. It's suppose to be aired this week here in CT too!
When I heard it, I couldn't believe what I had heard!!!
I don't think you sounded preachy.

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Dear Cleo :angel2:

You don't sound "preachy" and so what if you did? It's an outrage that these people get away with these things...for a fine to be slapped on him and that's it?

Check this out:


'companion animal' means a warm-blooded,
domesticated animal dependent on one or more persons for food,
shelter, veterinary care or companionship. 'Companion animal'
does not include animals used for agricultural or *biomedical
research purposes or in activities regulated by the federal
Animal Welfare Act (7 U.S.C. 2131 to 2159). *nice to see that this is still permitted????

(b) Noneconomic damages, not exceeding $250,000, for the loss
of the society, companionship, comfort, protection and services
of the companion animal reasonably expected by the keeper. In
awarding damages under this section, the finder of fact shall
consider all evidence of the relationship between the keeper and
the companion animal, including but not limited to the length of
the relationship, unique characteristics of the companion animal,
special needs or characteristics of the keeper and events or
occurrences demonstrating the bond of friendship, trust, loyalty
or closeness between the keeper and the companion animal.
(3) A person who causes or procures the death of a companion
animal is subject to an award of punitive damages as provided
under ORS 18.537 and 18.540. This was signed on 6/01...however the amendments don't go into effect until 1/02????? I don't get that.

All States have a bunch of interesting laws that have died in congress for lack of support, but then again...some states have more money and/or more people to get involved; those are the states that usually set the blueprint for others to follow. It's just like anything else Cleo, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I'm really so sorry to hear about this case Cleo, my heart is crushed for that little kitty. I also feel sad that you had to see such a thing twice. It's bad enough the first time, but maybe others will get more involved in promoting stricter laws...

From what you said, the owner didn't have much to say about the cat. I would've been crying my eyes out!

Hoped this helped a little.

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Re: Cat Killer

I SERIOUSLY doubt that he did that here in Cali...Those of us who PUSH the animals RIGHTS would have made sure that he wouldn't have gotten just a "slap on the wrist". Although he may have only received a few YEARS sentence (3 max now but we're working on it!) and a STIFF fine ... It would have been better than a "slap on the wrist". I certainly wouldn't date a guy who did something like that ... Hopefully his SOCIAL future will be less than SOCIAL for him!!!
I have quite a collection of swords and know how to use them VERY WELL ... Maybe he should come visit ME and try that sh*t! Anybody have a BASKET to catch the "waste" from his shoulders on?? I'd be more than happy to oblidge!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I have dealt with the likes of people like him many times in my 20 + years of rescues ... The thought of letting them walk away "clean" NEVER entered MY mind.

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I so totally agree with you FeralGaurdian.....there need to be much stiffer penalties for animal abusers in other states as well!
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Hi FeralGaurdian

Seems like you have a lot of energy and I would love to see you sign a petition for Max. Please visit Max's website. Thanks.


Love, Peace &

PS...This case is out of Sacramento, California. I do hope that your contacts are many and can provide us with the support we need so desperately.
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I went to that site and became so outraged!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to do my damnedest to be at that hearing!!! I not only signed that petition ... but I'm circulating it as well!!! And here is the message I posted to top it off. Thanks for clueing me in on this ATROCITY.
Here is my post:
Grounds For Imprisonment For Max's Killer (#206)

There is NO DOUBT that what this man did was BEYOND comprehension. However, the picture is much bigger here. Why was he carrying a golf club, while walking his dogs,in the first place? Was he expecting someone or something to attack those dogs or him? And why? It is apparent to me that this individual has some serious issues that need to be dealt with professionally. For someone's mind to rectify doing what he did tells me that this man is a danger to society as a whole. I'll bet if you talked to the women he has dated you'd be even more worried ... A man who would BRUTALLY ATTACK a cat in such a manor would think NOTHING of BEATING A WOMAN. I think the justice system better look at that on September 17th. This man is raising a clone in his son, no doubt. Wonder how many times he's beat his son? This is a definite case of serious brutality. This isn't just a case of animal cruelty here. People better wake up and realize that this is where it all starts ... Murder or worse is where it all ends. I'm very surprised that he is allowed to be free considering the nature of this brutality. I am hoping that the judge looks at the "actual act" of this killing and not just the fact that he killed someone's "cat". Take a good look at the Ukrainian man who killed his wife, unborn child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew and then ... killed his infant son and put him in a cardboard box to be found ... Is this man far from this type of action as well??? I personally think NOT. I would be curious as to what some psychiatrists are making of this mans mind right now. This man didn't simply kick the cat to kill it ... he BRUTALLY BEAT IT TO DEATH THEN BASHED IT'S HEAD IN! Hellooooooooooo!!!! This spells DANGEROUS PSYCHO HERE!! We need to make sure he isn't "just set free". This is NOT the type of individual you want living next door to you, your children or your pets. I can't even imagine what is going on with his son or in his son's mind being that this is the type of father he has. I hope God is watching this, because if he is ... May the wrath of God strike him soon! (posted by Cindy on 09/10/2001)
Personally I think a FULL BACKGROUND check on this guy will bring up some SERIOUS evidence of this type of behavior in the past.

Thanks again for the info!
One Pissed Off Guardian!

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Dear Feral Gaurdian :angel2:

I do believe you were so upset that you didn't realize when reading the information, this man is an office of the law. He is a Juvenile Probation Officer. This means he is still actively directing troubled teens. I believe this man is in his late 50's or early 60's. There has been a huge defense by the police dept. However; due to public support and Denice Baltrons own relentlous determination; it is now out and the police dept. has backed off. His own son has an arrest record; not to mention he attacked one of the camera men at one of Max's preliminary hearings. So, there you go my Feral Gaurdian...I pray that you can be of even a slight assistance...that would be so helpful..you have no idea; or maybe you do.

Thank you so much.

Love, Peace &
For those of you who have never met Max...please click on this hyperlink and sign the petition...it's so appreciated!
Sweet, Beautiful Angel "Precious Max"...his photo below :angel2:
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I'm going to check the tv listings for tomorrow (Tuesday) and see what time People's Court is on. I'll definitely tape it.

Ya know something just dawned on me. There was a guy that called the Courant last week and said he was going to be on People's Court and wanted to know if anyone was interested in doing a story on him (yeah right). I kind of wonder if that could've been him.

I'll let you know if I tape right.

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Just to update you with what is going on in "my world", my people are circulating the petition as I am typing this to you and are signing that petition as well! The fact that they know ME and what I stand for will bring that petition a little more light As for the fact that this sick is a Probation Officer and a badge holder makes the matter even WORSE. A JUVENILE P.O. A TRIPLE INJUSTICE! My God he's influencing kids that need a POSITIVE not a DOUBLE NEGATIVE. I also have friends in law enforcement, quite a few. If they allow him to hide behind that badge it will be a travesty of justice for sure and one I "personally" will not let go of. This "so called peace officer" has violated the very vows he took to PROTECT AND TO SERVE. How can they allow him to monitor "troubled juveniles" when he himself is EXTREMELY troubled? Look what it's done for his own son! I'm sorry, but this is NOT acceptable in any way, shape, or form as far as I'm concerned. There is NO excuse for what he did. NONE! He has broken human laws and animal rights laws. This man single handily showed an example of the law that will scar this family and many people for the rest of their lives. Just the BRUTAL ACT itself would be enough for me to throw the book at him and lock him up. What he did was even worse than the mindless idiot that threw that woman's dog onto the freeway in San Jose. This is morally and socially incomprehensible. Watch them say it's "job stress related". I wouldn't want this man NEAR my child. I know all about the "code blue brotherhood", they can't protect him now. I hope they pull his badge and lock him up.

I've said my piece and am now going back to circulating that petition to more people. All I have to say is THANK GOD it wasn't my cat ... I would most likely be sitting in prison right now.

Humble Servant To Our Animals
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Dear Feral Guardian :angel2:

Your support is totally suprising for me and has helped take quite a bit of pressure off of me.

Initially there were three full time members of Team Max that fed the Internet as well as media information regarding this case. We were trying our damnenst to get this shown or even mentioned on one of the major broadcasts on TV.

There still is hope for that; however, during the course of working, two of the members are no longer involved. One has gotten ill with a string of other mishaps and the other has her own website for abused animals that has gotten overwhelming and needs all of her attention. So, that leaves me...and to be honest, I felt like putting a bullet in my head a couple of weeks ago due to all of the horrifying acts of violence I was subjecting myself to. Since I started fighting for Max, I now work with numerous people for their babies that have been brutally injured or killed. I wasn't ready for that. It's not like I've been through a school that prepares someone for death of innocent lives in such a brutal way. I don't know how anyone gets used to it; or if the police themselves that are in homicide ever get used to it. They say you get numb...I guess I failed that course. All I know now is that I have to get through this and then take a major break.

Denice, Max's Mom, is in the hospital today, if anyone reads this other than yourself, please say a prayer for her. I will post a thread to inform many people that probably won't see this.

There's so much to do and so little time, but I'm getting started today...I pray that someone or perhaps even a few of the people you know can attend the trial at the Sacramento Courthouse. I will keep you and anyone here that is reading this posted. I'll start a Thread about it; but, I will be sure to email you the details.

There's not a word that I can think of that expresses my gratitude to you. I don't feel so alone in this fight. I hope you understand where I'm coming from....

Love, Peace &
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Dear Catarina
I most certainly do know what you are feeling and going through. Have had 25 years of this and seen some of the worst. I wouldn't say that I've become numb, but I would say that I've become FOCUSED over the years. You'll get there too if you keep going in this. Sometimes it gets so painful you'll just sit and cry until your eyes swell up and your heart hurts so bad you feel like it's going to explode! Then there are times that you want to take justice into your own hands ... Do what has been done to the victims, but this isn't the answer and it doesn't set a precedent. I've gotten in my vehicle and screamed until my voice has gone out. My mind can't even begin to fathom the type of cruelty some humans are capable of until the pain from what they have done sinks in ... And then I start to fantasize about the "eye for an eye" rule. Then my mind snaps back to reality and says ... Do what you have to do to MAKE LAWS out of these tragedies! And so, I go on fighting with every ounce of strength in my body.
As for your being so surprised by me ...well I guess I can kinda understand that as well. Some people have good intentions and mean well. Some of us have good intentions, mean well, and REALLY get involved. Then there is me. I will push the envelope. Maybe it's because of my knowledge and my belief in what I do. Some say I am of "wolf medicine", that I must have been one in my past life. What ever the reason is ... I put my money where my mouth is. If you're gonna talk the talk, then you'd better walk the walk. You hang in there, you have an ally here in me. Now, as for Denise being in the hospital ... What happened? What can we do for her? (besides pray)... Is there a way of taking some of this pressure off of her? Do you want me to find out who the local TV stations are and hound them? I'm not sure we'll get to far with America being attacked by a madman but I'm willing to try. We also need to find out if that trial is going to be postponed due to this chain of events on America and the terrorist attacks. Let me know your ideas ... maybe send me a private e-mail. I'm also involved in another case of "missing cats" and trying to bring that to the media's attention. I've been overwhelmed before and nothing stops me when I'm on a roll. Like a pitbull, the more you hit me the harder I bite down!

Hang in there!!

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Feral Guardian,

Before you go feeling sorry for Catarina and her little pity party, I'd like to fill you in on a couple of things that Cat failed to mention regarding Team Max and the help they HAD. Cat was NOT totally alone in this Team Max.

I was also involved in Team Max. I work for a newspaper in Connecticut and because I have quite a few contacts in California, I made phone calls, sent e-mails, faxes, and did what I could to help Denice out with the resources I had available to me. I did it both on my own time and from work. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough. Never got a thanks...nothing. Just criticism and insults, mostly from Cat.

Then when someone from this site asked about the status of Team Max, they were met with FLAMING responses and insults from Cat, Denice and Cat's boyfriend, who was too little a man to even identify himself. I wasn't until after a few people on the site put two and two together that he came clean and admitted who he was.

Ever hear of a wolf in sheeps clothing? Hope you can do more for Max's cause than I could. The saying that you get more flies with honey than vinegar is so true. After the insults and flaming I got, anyone else in my shoes would've walked away too.

I too hope this guy fries in hell for what he did to that beautiful little creature.

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Dear Feral Guardian,

I will give you a call, you're support has lifted my spirits; however in light of todays events...I really don't think anyone can feel too much better about anything. I pray that you're safe and keep in touch with your family and friends. I am so concerned for all I have met on here. We are more than words on a computer screen.

Thanks for your beautiful thoughts and I will contact you via email.

Love, Peace &
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I admit that I too have been close to the flames on the subject of MM and Max's plight. But believe me when I say that I am posting this from the view of a moderator and not a personal attack. We have to keep things nice between us, especially in light of what has happened today. Anne has asked us as moderators that any time we see something that is a virtual accident waiting to happen, that we go in and try and defuse the situation before it explodes. So please you guys be nice, or the warning is I will delete this entire thread and move it to the deleted forum and lock it up. Thank you for your understanding and your compassion. Please remember that this is a tough time for all of us without some of us being at each other's throats.

Peace to all-
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Ok, when I started this thread it was to inform everyone of an upcoming episode of Peoples Court, which due to the incredible events of today , was not aired.

This was not meant to start a crusade, nor did I expect it to re-open the Max drama/conflict...I'm very sorry that it has.

My only intention was to alert people to this one case, and see if anyone had any suggestions as to how we might be sure this particular punk kid could be brought to justice...period.

I am not sure if I can close this thread, if I can't, please will a moderator close it to prevent any further harm.

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