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Maui wants to say "Hi"

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I am new at this site. I just wanted to tell my adoption story. We found Maui outside our apartment complex. It seems to me someone moved out and left her behind. We posted "Lost cat" signs around the complex but nobody came to claim her. So then we brought her to the vet to have her checked out. She was tested and she was given some shots.
The vet told us she was about 1yr old and that she weighed about 6 pounds.
She also had to be wormed and had a tick removed from her ear. not to mention FLEAS! We just had her spayed in April and she has gained a little more weight which is good.
Maui is going to be an indoor kitty. We also have 3 keets & a sun conure. The birdies have their own room which is closed off so Maui can't go exploring. The cat is afraid of my sun conure because he is sometimes vocal. Maui is a longhair blue torti w/yellow eyes. She is a cutie. I'm so glad she found us. Maui has her favorite toys: the cat dancer, newspapers & paper bag, and cat nippy balls. When we get out digital camera I will be sure to send a picture to this site. Bye, bye for now.

cat- Maui
sun conure - Nicky
3 keets - Twinkie
Macho boy
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Welcome aboard!

Don't tease us with the idea of pictures...we've gotta have them.

You've found a great bunch here, I hope to hear more about Maui!

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Welcome to the site! Maui sounds beautiful!!!! Thank you for taking this sweet girl in.
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to TCS! I am so sure you will love it here! Everyone is so nice and caring,it is the best place to be!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to the site and thank you for taking Maui into your home
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Welcome to TCS, Maui! You've found a wonderful, caring site! You're so wonderful for adopting her. Can't wait to see those pictures! Sierra's favorite toy is also her Cat Dancer!
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Welcome to TCS. Maui sounds beautiful, can't wait to see pictures. (Hint Hint )
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Maui sounds like an absolute cutie, welcome to TCS Can't wait to see the pics!!!!
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Welcome Maui sounds like a beauty! I can't wait to see pictures of her. You are very kind for giving her a loving home.

Lisa & Sash
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welcome to the site hope you stay a while
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