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kitten eye trouble?

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As some of you know, my Cagney had her kittens 2 weeks ago,, we had 5, but lost one 3 days later

2 of the kittens' eyes are fully open, one's are completely shut, and the one I'm concerned about has one totally open, but the other eye is either gummed shut, or is "fused" closed?

At 2 weeks, shouldn't they all have their eyes open?

The little white kitten with one open and one closed eye is my main concern...is it possible that the closed eye is "defective", or if it is just "gummed up" would it be safe for me to put a warm, damp cloth on it to try to loosen it up? It looks as though theres a crust on it, but he's so little, its hard to tell for sure.
Can anyone advise me on this?

All the babies seem very healthy and active otherwise, and are growing rapidly!

p.s. the little white male who opened its eyes first, now looks like an alien :evilalien: his little eyes are just WAY too big for his head! He's too cute...oh heck, they all are!
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The kittens we have had all their eyes open by two weeks, but some of them also weren't " all the way" opened....it took a few extra days on our black/white little guy, but he opened them up on his own. I did notice that mommy kitty did a lot of face cleaning, so maybe yours just needs a bit of extra licking???
Good luck...
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Ok, all the babies eyes have opened, but 2 of the kittens are having trouble keeping them that way.

Both of the kitens I seem to have trouble with are having the same problem, but with opposite eyes.

One minute, both eyes are open, and an hour later, one eye is gummed shut.
I finally decided to use a warm, wet cloth and "unstick" it once I was sure it could open, but it would soon close up again.

I am not sure if this is bacterial, viral, or what?
I'll take all the kittens in soon, maybe tomorrow, to see my vet. but what other questions should I ask, since I'll already be there?

The kittens are less than 3 weeks old, but I'd like to cover as many bases as possible, as money is an issue.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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I took my 5 kittens in at 2 weeks. They did a very minor exam on them, you know like listened to them breathe and checked their eyes nose throat. No shots or anything though. They told me to bring them back in at 6-8 weeks to begin vaccinations. In my opinion, it didn't seem too much like a "needed" visit, I think I could've waited until they were ready to get shots at the same time!!
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I would keep cleaning them as often as needed unless the crust is greenish in color. Sometimes kittens will need a little help keeping thier eyes clean. You can usually tell if its an infection by the color,quantity and weather the 3rd eyelid is popping up.
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Well, almost clearly!

Took the kittens to the vet today, and Mom too.
She said the wet cloth treatment was a good idea, but gave me (sold me) a tube of Terramycin Ophth ointment to be used twice a day.
Their eyes are still gummy, but look better.

She weighed them, checked their hearts, ears, mouths, etc, and said they look great!

She thinks they're part Scottish Fold, and definately part Siamese.
I have no first hand knowledge of Scottish Folds, but after looking at some pics, I think she may be right...or maybe they just have goofy ears? :LOL:
Whatever mixture they are...they're adorable!

Thanks for the info!
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Hi, they sound so cute; do you have any pictures?
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I'm with Buttercup - Can you post some pics in the Lounge?
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I took some pics, havent developed them yet though.

They were taken last Sunday, and the kittens are still "floppy" as they are 3 weeks old today!

Will post them soon but am looking forward to the next batch of pics, when the babies are a little more "stable" :laughing2:
They are wandering out of the nursery, but are still dragging their back legs, its so cute!
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They sound adorable and I'm glad to hear they're doing better. Don't forget to have the mom spayed within 2-3 weeks or she might go into heat again.

Have you found homes for all the kittens yet? Of course, they shouldn't leave their momma before they're 10-12 weeks old, but it's usually good to start looking for homes early on. Just make sure that the potential adopters know they should be spayed/neutered before thee age of 6 months.
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