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Franz and Madeline, the Continuing Saga

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Okay so this is how it's goingxwith my new girl Madeline and my old fella Franz. By Monday night I thought I would go nuts with Franz crying at Madelines door...non stop, so I gave in...with the vanilla trick. All went pretty well with a few serious hisses from him and one good bat to her face. She was a bit frightened, but being a street girl not too put off. Franz has essentially stayed in the bedroom since then. I think this is what he was crying for most, as it is his domain. He comes out at mealtime, gives a little glare at Maddy, eats and goes back to the bedroom. He will let me visit him in MY bedroom, and will sleep with me, so maybe he thinks Maddy got here on her own and I'm not at fault! LOL. Maddy on the other hand is a doll, very loving, we are bonding quickly, and she gets around well, despite her remaining eye not having much vision at all. She will not use her litterbox at all..insists on using Franz's in the bathroom...it's a giant size...he is still using it as well so that's fine with me. I do love how Franz check out her food though, just in case she's getting filet mignon or butterflied lamb chops...it's too funny to watch. I do notice some drainage from her remaining eye...clear drainage, the eye as expected is very cloudy, does anyone know if this is normal? I'll keep you guys posted. Oh I have tried the photobucket, I copy the url and still can't get the photo up...HELP...it's a JPEG!
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Barbara, are you copying the third box with the [IMG] tag from Photobucket?

I'm sure Franz will come around soon. As soon as he realizes that she's there to stay. Maddy sounds like a little love.
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I'm sure Franz will come round soon. At least he's not fallen out with you. What a nice family you have Barbara.
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Babara they will love each other eventually. Like Heidi said once Franz knows that Maddy isn't going away he will accept her, just look at my two!. Rosie hated me as well as Sophie, but after a couple of weeks she lets Sophie jump on her back and lets her wash her.

I can relate to the litter boxes as well!. Rosie watched Sophie use 'her' litter tray, so Rosie decided she'd leave her mark in Sophies

The only thing i miss about Rosie, and i hope it comes back, is her headbutts!.

She gave me headbutts everyday, but because she's too busy looking at what Sophie is up to she seems more interested in that , but hopefully when Sophie is a few month older the headbutts will return

Stick with it, they will get there in the end

I cant help on the eye problem though, sorry
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I am sure they will be getting along well soon! I am not sure about the eye drainage, I would call and ask the vet. I hope to hear they are friends very soon!
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