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Abbey Cats - Toronto

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Hi all,
A friend of mine posted this on my forum...please help if you can.
Hey everyone! If you or anyone you know in the GTA area of Ontario can foster (or better, adopt) one of these cats, it would be wonderful. They are losing their home because the building where they were being kept has been sold, and there aren't enough foster homes for all of them. The organization is Abbey Cat Adoptions, which is where we got Tonks, Snuffy, and Winky from. Because homes are desperately needed, there is no adoption fee. Please consider fostering. I would if I could, but any more cats is more than I can financially handle right now.
The address is http://www.abbeycats.org/special.php
If you wish to contact the person who originally posted this (she may be able to help with transportation, should anyone need it), the other thread is HERE
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Try contacting the Best Friends Network:

(435) 644-2001 ext 123, or e-mail them at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org

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OMG Farah is a beautiful girl with brownish black hair. She is really shy and it takes awhile for her to trust you. She is always around people but will run from you if you approach her too quickly. Farah is a real character when you watch her with the other cats. She likes to steal their food and in fact will go out of her way to try someone elses dish .....

What a beauty . I wish I could take her ....I hope and pray they all will find good new homes .
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I wish I could take them all, but I don't have the room for anymore.
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