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Just a warning

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Hey guys,

I received an email from a member who wants me to speak out on her behalf, but also prefers to stay nameless. A few months ago in the SOS Forum there was a plea for help for some cats in trouble. This member was touched by the plea and reached into her pocketbook to help. Now she finds out that the whole thing was a scam to get her money. She is out the money and the satisfaction that she did a good thing for cats in need.

PLEASE before you reach out to help newcomers and strangers to this community, please research the website and the cause to the best of your ability. We can't possibly tell the real from the fakes and so it is up to all of you to be aware and to give when you know it is a good cause, and not just get caught up in the moment.

BTW she is not the first one to get scammed like this here, and probably won't be the last-
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Thanks Hissy and also to whoever it is who went through this horrible thing. Whoever you are my thoughts are with you.
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People really ***** sometimes . I really don't like this kind of people and should be ashamed off yourself

I am so sorry for this member and the other member who went through this scam to you .
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I am sorry to hear that this happened and agree with Hissy it probably isn't the first or the last time either. For that member, at least your heart was in the right place Don't let the actions of the few evil hearted people change that in you
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Thank you hissy for the heads up. It is all too easy to want to help out, that's the kind of people we are, especially when it comes to cats. Thank you again.
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why do some people have to take advantage of others?
to the person who donated, you are a good person who only thought you were doing the best
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Oh this is horrible! Such a kindhearted individual felt the need in their heart to donate to what seemed to be a worthy cause and was completely deceived by this cruel person. Not only should the person behind this scam be ashamed for their dishonesty, but this is such a betrayal! We come her in the company of friends who we know and trust . Know that your heart was in the right place and this is certainly not an accurate representation of TCS!
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People take advantage of others because they want to...

Resources are scarce and needed everywhere. I think over where I donate to and how. I'm the type of stingy jerk who never gives people coins on the street on impulse
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Oh my, I'm so sorry for the person that got scammed and to the person who did it!!! Thanks for the warning though MA.
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Words fail me as to how someone can do this to innocent caring people!.

It's scams like this that makes us wary for the genuine ones.

Who ever the doner was and headbutts from myself and Rosie and Sophie.
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These scammers make me SO angry!
To the member that donated.....don't lose heart...! There are REAL people that try to help animals out there!!!!
To all those others.....(scammers)...they should be ASHAMED of themselves!!!
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