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Would Feliway help?

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My husband and I are going to Italy for 9 days. May 23-May 31. I am terribly worried about leaving my kitties for that long. We do have people coming over to change the water/food and scoop the boxes, but I'm nervous anyway. Do you think a Feliway diffuser would be a good investment for when we leave? I know that it's supposed to comfort cats in stressful situations. This certainly qualifies. I'm most worried because I have a cat that blocked in December and I'm afraid the stress might bring it on again. Thanks for your opinions.
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We use feliway at work for stressed out cats, and it really seems to help with some. Although we use it more for anger/aggression, I am sure it would be useful for what you have in mind too, if only to comfort them.

Have you used it before? The reason I ask is that some cats don't seem to respond one way or another, and it is kind of expensive stuff.

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It will help, so will leaving your scent around for your cats to discover. Wear a pair of sneakers without socks for several evenings when you do housework, get them good and smelly and leave them in a sealed bag with instructions for the person who is coming to take one shoe out 3 days after you leave, and the other one three days later to give to the cats. Take sheets of notebook or blank paper and rub them all over you skin, put them in sealed envelopes with instructions for the pet sitter to place the paper on the floor for the cats
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