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I am going away on Saturday for a week - my first break in a number of years and also my first since I have endured the last 9 months that I have with deaths in the familly and out.
My gp has stated that I am staying on my antidepressants - however, he has almost ordered me to relax. Problem is, is that I have no idea how to relax or what true relaxation would feel like. I am too highly strung I think.
I love my meditation that Kate sent me and have become quite good at this to get to sleep on an evening - its the next week of days and nights that am gonna find hard.
Being with those dear to me - Carol and Chris 24-7 will be hard and i am not that used to it as work is an escape.
How would you define relaxation and what do you do. Am staying in a luxury caravan - static in Wales - on the coast and unsure how to unwind.
Your help would be appreciated. Your understanding over the last 9 months- I can never thank you enough for.
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Kev, I am sorry you have been having such a dreadful time. Relaxation works in different ways for different people. I think it is good that you are getting away that is the first step. Don't worry about how to do it, don't put pressure on yourself. Ask yourself what do you enjoy doing. Different people have different ways. Some people like getting lost in a book, good film, making things (craft wise I mean), just sitting in the sun or on your bed day dreaming. One of my favourite ways to relax is having a hot bath, lighting a candle (if the cats are not around) and just enjoying the soothing feeling of the water. Then I sit in the lounge with my cats around me. I make plans in my head about how I will change my life, but I don't put pressure on myself, if I fail to carry them out, I just start again. Sometimes talking to the people you meet on holiday about light, carefree things, things you can have a laugh about makes you feel good. Walking is good for me too. Sure you will get loads of ideas from people here. Do you like music? What part of Wales are you going to? Some of the scenery there helps you to relax too, so does watching the sea. Hope you have a great time.
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Kev just do what ever you feel like doing.
Fish? Just don't worry, I have the same problem I can't just sit and think about
every little thing just let it happen.
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I love to lay on my bed and look at the sky - there is something about the sky that calms me down, whether it be night or day.

Believe it or not, playing a playstation 2 game takes my mind off things and I become immersed into a RPG (especially Final Fantasy) and I forget about my troubles.
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My favorite way to relax is to go fishing and do the catch and release. I only keep what Ken and I can eat in a meal. Another thing I like to do to relax is grab my camera and start shooting pictures of whatever stikes my fancy. Kev have a great time and do what makes you happy during your vacation.

Vacation.......sigh I will be glad when I can take mine
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There is a song that I listen to by one of my favorite musicians that always relaxes me. I also get massages.

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hmmmm... now.. that's a tough one... you are going on a holiday and you want to unwind... for me, when i get a chance to go for a short trip, the best thing i wanna do is to just hang around a beach and lie down, do people watching... or else, i wanna just go to the nearest coffee house for a nice cup of coffee and just read a book... now that carol and chris is with you, maybe go for a sightseeing trip together, go to the amusement park or just pack your stuff go for a picnic? or simply just do things that you feel like doing that day...
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I highly recommend massages. I am in school to be a massage therapist, and have had regular massages for the past 6 months. I had never had one before that. I am a fairly high strung person, too, but have been able to relax much more easily since having regular massage, even during a very stressful course load, and a 3 hour daily commute. I felt it the very first time. I sleep better, and my digestion is better.
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I can relax in the company of friends with a bottle of wine(or 2!).

I love to read, and like Cilla, light my candles and have my kitts curl up alseep on me.
I love to meet up with a friend in town to shop. We always go for a coffee and a chat first, browse the shops, stop for lunch etc.. i love it!

But i think the whole idea of relaxing is to slow right down.
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