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Alli's boyfriend

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My cat, Alli, is having kittens as I'm sure many of you know by now. I think I actually saw the father. I'm not sure if the cat I saw is a tom or queen, but I'm pretty sure it's a tom, because I saw him around when Alli was in season. I think he's wild, and I'd like to try to capture him and check for a collar, maybe take him to the vet to see if he's microchipped. When I tried to approach him, he ran. How do I let him know I'm not going to hurt him and what's the best way to trap him without spending a lot of money?
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AlliCat...what you need to do is contact local vet clinics and shelters and see if they can "lend" you a humane trap for the cat. There is a thread towards the top with suggestions on how to trap a feral cat...and if you need further information...just ask here. While I appreciate that you want to check to see if this cat is owned...I would really suggest that if you determine this cat is not owned...that you have it spayed/neutered. There are many low cost clinics and if you need help finding one...let us know.

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Actually I had thought to find a no kill shelter that I could take the cat to, as I'm having trouble raising money to get my own cat spayed. Does anyone know of a no-kill shelter in central Michigan?
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Here is a link- but most shelters will not take feral cats. They neither have the time or the resources to care for them, and most end up being put down. Here, the no kill shelters call the kill shelters to come and get them- and let the kill shelters do the dirty work.

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THanks for your help. I've put an ad on Petfinder.org and will work to gain Mr. Cat's confidence. Hopefully I'll be able to catch him soon.
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