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fencing a garden

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I need advice on how to fence my garden. I am about to move in a house but it is in a town and next to a road. I was wondering how to "secure" my garden so that my cat can't get out and other cats in. I've considered putting a high fence but cats are good climbers... So what about an electric fence? I don't mean the "invisible" ones with your cat having to wear a collar, but a special electric wire (suitable for small animals) that you put on top of a fence.
I found a website about it: http://www.sureguard.com.au/pingghow.html
What do you reckon?!
I don't know what to do! I want my cat to be safe (I've taken her to the vet's too often) and I want a lovely garden as well...
Please, tell me about your own experience!

Thanks for your help.
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Please don't use an electric fence with your cats. It may cause them to become fearful and although the shock is harmless, it does hurt. There are a lot of different types of cat-proof fences around and this site (Meowhoo) gives a great list and information abut the different ones.
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yes i agree, please dont use an electric fence on your kitten
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You will find pictures and information for a nice homemade cat enclosure here
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