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Pee Wars!!!!!!!!!!

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I am an owner of 7 house cats and there is pee wars galore! I have more problems with my cats than I would have had with children! I have 4 boys that play fine. One female that rules the house! Another female that lives underneath my bathroom vanity in fear, though I make her quite comfy with private feedings and lots of play time in the traffic bathroom. Then the other female has her own bedroom because she is a B H. There are 7 litter boxes through out the house. How can this be wrong.
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the only thing i could suggest would be to, where they are peeing, place something that has the scent of orange, cats hate this smell and will not go anywhere it, this is what i did when i first got mine, he kept peing behind the telly, so i stuck one of them plug in air-freshners, orange fraguence, and he soon started using his litter tray again
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Is it just peeing or spraying ? The reason why I ask is if they spray , they mark their teritory (sp) . But any whoo , peeing is often with infection related and need to be seen by the vet . I would take the one's who pee and go to the vet . A infection like kiddney or urinary is very painful to a cat , just as painful as it is for us . Only a vet can say with a test what it is . Please go asap to a vet with your cats to rule out infection .
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Have you been able to isolate the cat that is peeing? Just hearing your story, I would bet that the one that hides by the vanity is being stalked by the alpha female and she is afraid to use the litter box, so therefore pees where she feels safe. Or perhaps there is a power struggle with the boys and they are marking to claim territory.

Having 14 in my house, I can tell you that any change in routine will upset my guys - new addition, change in my schedule, moving things around the house. How stable is your routine?

Are they choosing the same area over and over again? If so, you may not be getting the scent out of that area, or you may need to put a litter box in that location. Mine used the corner in my rec room until I put a litter box there and haven't messed since.

Do they have enough territory in your house? I've added a lot of vertical space with tall cat condos so that everyone has their place in the house.

My new puppies added chaos for a long time. The cats would wander into their kennels are mark their bedding. A lot of puppy training later to calm them down around the cats stopped that problem.

In a multi-cat household, there isn't a single solution to problem pee'ers. You need to study the situation to see what triggers it, who does it, when they do it, where they do it and why they do it. You take action appropriately. With 7 cats you need to be constantly vigilent around them or it will get out of hand quickly.
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