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Can anyone help me with a fairly serious ferret question?

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Well here it goes:

My boyfriend has a 6 year old ferret, which I believe if pretty old for a ferret, and he has insulinoma which is a tumor in the pancreas. The vet said he had all the symptoms: low blood glucose, low activity level, blank staring, staggering, convulsions, and hind-end weakness. The vet said surgery is most likely not going to help I guess because of his age. Even with the surgery or medicine as an alternative, it won't cure him, just relieve symptoms for a time.

In the past few months he has lost a LOT of weight, but until yesterday, still ate the same amount as always. The past 2 days he has hardly touched it.

I kind of have the feeling he is on his way out but I am wondering if he is in any pain? I know some of the symptoms aren't comfortable but is he suffering very much? Sometimes he seems find and we wanders around exploring like usual, but then other times he just sits there and won't leave his cage. We thought about having him euthanized if he is suffering a lot. Can the vet just do this? Do they charge for that?

I guess I am just looking for suggestions if anyone has any.

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I would ask on a board where people actually do own ferrets-

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Hey.. I'm sorry to hear about your bf's ferret's illness. I have 3 ferrets myself, and they are still fairly young so I don't know too much about insulinoma. However, I do know that there are usually treatments available to manage the condition to the extent where the ferret could live a normal life. Does the vet the ferret was taken to have a lot of ferret experience/ knowledge? If not, you might want to try a vet that specializes in ferrets. http://www.ferretstoreforums.com is a very good forum on ferrets and you will probably find all your answers there. They usually respond pretty quickly too. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the link. Ya Hissy I know I just figured I would see if anyone here knows about or has ferrets, just cuz its a cat forum doesn't mean no own might own a ferret too. I was hoping someone would recommend a good link to me and they did.
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No problem- I just don't know that many members who have ferrets and would hate for you to get the wrong information about something that sounds quite serious. I hope you get the answers your are seeking.
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I am so very sorry to hear about your ferret...I wish I had some advice for you...but Hissy is right,,,the best thing is to find a ferret froum and ask those who have way more knowledge than we do...please keep us posted, and know that our prayers are with you.
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