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Nose problem, please read and recommend.

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I have a cat which is about 7 months old. He lives inside, and also plays in the back yard for a few hours a day.

The other day there was a mouse on the back porch which I seen my cat run down and catch. He had it squeaking in his mouth, but didnt hurt it at all. I made him drop it from his mouth but shortly later I seen a problem. I noticed later that night he appeared beaten up as if he was in a fight. He had a scrape of some sort on his front leg, but what caught my eye was his nose looked as if it was leaking clear sap like a tree bark does. The next day it was dry like and I had to wet it to get it off. Well the swelling for the most part went down and it is in another mode. Now it appears all scabed up and dried with blood. I cleaned it off and it bleeds then clots back up. He also has runny stools but it may be because I have been treating him to wet foods. What I cant figure out is if he had a fight, or had an alergic reaction to the mouse that may have bitten his mouth or urinated on him. I am going to watch it to see if it appears better tomorrow because it looks as if he is going through a different phase which may be getting better. I cant see how this could be a disease because it is a result of something that happened the other day.

He has been fixed and has shots several months ago.
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It sounds to me like you are describing the various stages of healing.

Perhaps he was injured while catching the mouse?

I would definately keep an eye on both the nose and the front leg.

Have you looked at the leg any closer?

Keep the 'wounds' clean, and if you continue to see improvement without discomfort, then I wouldn't worry too much, however I would definately consider what could be done to prevent this from happening again.

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It may be something totally unrelated and if it doesn't get better, please get him to the vet.
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I think, Hissy is right- the best shot will be to get to it the Vet just in case, you know. I hope little darling will get better soon!!!! I hope you are not mad at him for catching a little mouse- cause it is natural for cats!
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