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Rest in Peace Sparks.

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MY friend's 17 year old cat Sparks was put to sleep yesterday. I sent her to the animated version for The Rainbow Bridge poem post in this thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34371

Like an idiot I went and look at it again and couldn't stop from crying. When I was 17 our 17 year old cat was put to sleep and I lost my beloved Socks 6 years ago..., but mostly they were happy tears. I refuse not to believe it because it's too nice not to be true.

I hate thinking my kitties will die someday, but it's nice to think that I'll be with them again someday. And Clouds, and Socks, and Sparks, and my Angus and Ripper, and my sister's Satey Cat and all my other kitties I had when I was a kid and any other baby I get from now on will play together until I meet them again...
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Rest in Peace Sparks.

I find the Rainbow Bridge a great comfort too, and like you I sent it to my aunt when her beloved kitty passed.
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I am sorry of your friends loss

May Sparks RIP
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I'm sorry for your friend's loss. I'm also comforted by the Rainbow Bridge and that I know I will see my pets again one day.

RIP Sparks

Jill and Candy
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RIP Sparks
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RIP Sparks.

I'm sorry to your your friend's loss of her beloved kitty.
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I'm so sorry your friend has lost her beloved Sparks. How very thoughtful of you to send her the Rainbow Bridge poem. I hope she can find comfort in knowing they will be reunited some joyful day.
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Sorry for your loss, Great age must had a great life
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So sorry about Sparks.
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sorry for your loss may he rest in peac
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