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Dry food only ??

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Should I be concerned that my 10 month old kitty eats only dry food?

Until she was about 4 months old she ate both dry & canned foods. About 1/3 can & close to 1 cup of dry. As she has stopped growing so fast she has gradually decreased her daily intake. Now about 3/4 cup of dry but NO canned food.

When she first stopped eating canned food (abt 4 months of age)I tried many kinds in attempt to find something she would eat. She would eat about 1/2 teaspoonful & then wouldn't touch the same food again. I soon gave up on the canned foods.

She seems healthy though she has never been as active since her spaying. As she became less active the amount eaten decreased which I figure is normal.

I used to give her a jar of Gerber baby meat once a week for a treat. When very young she would gobble up an entire jar. She now seems to enjoy a bit, about 1/4 jar but seems satisfied with that. Do you think I should be concerned? Or is she just 'growing up' ?
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I wouldn't be concerned. If your vet says she's healthy then unless she's sick, thank your stars! Cats do calm down once they're spayed. Mollie Rose (my 7 year old tortie) has come a couch potato. Very content with eating and sleeping.

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Look , cats are firstly eat a small amound af food and after some hours they eat the rest . They do that in order to see whether that food will create problems or not . So try to give her food and let the food for some hours . Even all night . Another issue is that cats as they grow older they are less and less active . so it`s age plays a role . is is more than a year it is natural . Advice : try sarddines that are with tomato and oil
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The older they get, the less active they usually are. They will go through spurts of dashing through the house and acting like a baby again. The more active they are, the more they need to consume to give them the energy they need.
I wouldnt worry about the wet food at all. My cats dont get any wet food after they hit 6 months. They all eat dry only and an occasional treat. They are all very healthy happy cats.
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