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Bitter Apple Spray

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Could somebody that has used this product please tell me whether one application is generally enough or if I need to apply it every now and again. I've used it on my electrical cords to stop my kitten attempting to eat them.

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It has been a while since I used it, but I think I remember having to apply it daily. Does it say how often it should be applied on the bottle?
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No it doesnt say on the bottle. I dont know if its the taste or the smell that puts them off, its smells pretty strong but I imagine that would fade after awhile, I'm just not sure if the taste would remain.
Can I just ask you too, how did you get your avatar changed, I cant work it out.
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I don't know if you have to reapply it or how often, but I'm pretty sure that it tastes horrible even if it dries onto the material before it's licked or taken into the mouth. When my first dog kept chewing on the leash, I soaked the leash in Bitter Apple, and even after it dried he didn't bite it.

Have you ever tried tasting it? You can put just a drop on your fingertip, and bring it to the edge of your tongue. It's nasty. Or you can dilute a little bit in a cup of water, juice, soda... Either way, don't say I didn't warn you.
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I was considering trying it, I try all my babys medicines so I know whether I can just put it in her mouth or if I have to put it in her bottle so I dont get covered in it when she spits it back at me!!! The strange thing is where I sprayed the bitter apple she is now sleeping in it?!! but hasnt tried chewing the cord yet!
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I use bitter apple on the trash bags....my cat has a thing for plastic....I do have to reapply it daily but it works.

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