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Changes to TCS forums- all members please read

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Anne just posted and asked that I let you know about her post:
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Notice taken.
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Yep, notice taken here.
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Notice taken here too.
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Great! 1 year subscription done. Hopefully these subscriptions will help TCS stay as fantastic as it is!
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I just wanted to add that I actually like the ads, keep my PM box pretty clean and remote link my pics, rather than attach them but I wanted to subscribe to support TCS to help make sure it stays.
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Ok...Gotch ya
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Thanks for the heads up. One year subscription paid.
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Got it! That's pretty neat...might get the one year subscription!
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i really want to subscribe, but im not really comforatble 5.00 a year, with everything else i have to pay, i can barely support myself. i really would if i could, but ill just work my way up to get more of stuff on this site. i like the changes though
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Guys this in not mandatory- please don't think you have to do this, we are just trying to keep the forums going as best we know how.
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Went with the 6 month option. Will we be notified when our "subscription" is about to expire. I'll surely forget and wouldn't want this to happen!
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It is on automatic, so I will get an email and then let you know in plenty of time.
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I will certainly do my part but it'll have to wait until after my wedding if that's ok. I'm pretty broke right now.
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Glad you pointed this out. I didn't see the thread since I don't go to the feedback forum anymore. Thanks!
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