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??'s about timeline

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Hi everyone. I have a few questions about the timeline for the kittens. All five are walking now, and are playful. Sunshine still nurses them well and the vet said last week they are thriving. So, now, what is the next step? At about what time should they start eating kitten food, and when can I bring out the litter box? They are 3 weeks now, and are moving quite well. I have them confined to one area and I don't want to let them roam until they are litter box trained. I know I've read about 4 weeks for kitten food, is that right???
Also, the flea thing. I have found 4 fleas in one week. All are on one kitten. I've tried my hardest to remove them, but they are quick little suckers! I did check with a different vet, and was told not even Revolution can be used safely until about 5 weeks. They suggested I bathe them to drown the fleas and wash all bedding, etc. Is that what you would do? I thought they'd be multiplying but they aren't. The only ones I keep seeing are on the little gray guy and I only see one or two at a time. Its so frustrating knowing there isn't very much I can do for another two weeks. What do all of you think?? Should I just keep up with the bathing?? Is Garlic an alternative??
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I don't know much about time lines. When we got our kitty he had a few fleas as well. We'd find like four or five a week, and pick them off. After just bathing him a few times, they disapeared and believe me we have looked!!!

Hopefully some other knowledgeable people will post and help you out!

Good luck with the litter.

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