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Puerto Rican bloopers

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I received this in my email from my girlfriend... it's a list of bloopers and crazy quotes from Puerto Rican political leaders.... I am translating it to English.... enjoy for a good laugh at what those eminent leaders have said.

"Yes, I was an independentist long ago, and I have repented from that. Those were errors of youth"

Governor of Puerto Rico by the Popular Democratic Party Luis Muñoz MarÃ:censor:n, 1951. (When he won the elections with the motto "Independence is just around the corner" he was 42 yrs old... pretty young).

"There is no such thing as political prisoners, what there is is politicians in jail"

Luis Muñoz MarÃ:censor:n denying the existence of political prisoners (people jailed for political beliefs).

"And by 1980, we will be winning the elections!"

President of the Independence Party, Rubén BerrÃ:censor:os MartÃ:censor:nez, 1973 (in 1980 he obtained 3% of the votes)

"Defeat? What defeat?"

Governor of PR by the anexionist party, Carlos Romero Barceló, 1984, asked by the press what he thought about this defeat (It was election night and he had just lost by 54,000 votes)

"We do not make deals with third world countries"

Governor of PR by the anexionist party, Pedro Juan Roselló González, 1998 when asked by the press why they had denied an offer from Spaniard "Telefónica" to buy Puerto Rico Telephone (one of the largest countries of the EU is third world?)

"Because we won the election and we are in power. We cannot be questioned by the opposition"

Secretary of State, Norma Burgos Andújar, when asked the government's motives for selling Puerto Rico Telephone. 1998

"I am giving to you, what I consider to be reasonable advice: Don't push it"

Governor of PR by the anexionist party, Pedro Juan Roselló González, at a congressional hearing on the military base in Vieques to the congressmen who opposed the removal of the base, 1999.

"In Hato Rey" (Hato Rey is an area of San Juan)

Vice President of the House of Representatives, Edwin Mundo, when asked by the U.S. Attorney "What do you do for a living" while testifying at the Federal District Court, 1999

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

Pedro Roselló while asked by the press if he feared his sudden reversal on the Vieques issue would damage his reputation, 1999.

"We are so concerned about the enviroment in the building of Highway 10 that in mid construction we found the nest of a pregnant Guaraguao bird, and we halted construction until the bid could be moved to a safe place"

Secretary of Public Works, and candidate to governor by the anexionist party, Carlos Ignacio Pesquera, 2000 (Kid, if you've found a pregnant bird, then you've made the greatest discovery in zoology).

"He studied Engineering, not zoology"

Governor Pedro Roselló, justifying the blooper of the pregnant bird, 2000.

"They can look under the stones and they will find nothing"

Secretary of State, Ferdinand Mercado Ramos, answering about the possible scandal of his having killed someone in wreckless driving and then left him to die in 1973, 2003 (24 hours later the state police was giving the press the driving record showing him as a suspect back in '73... the stones spoke)

"Tony Blair?, Who is Tony Blair?"

Governor of Puerto Rico, Mrs. Sila MarÃ:censor:a Calderón, 2004

Conclusion: You never get bored in Puerto Rico!
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Politicians can be so funny (unintentionally!)
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You found some really good ones there!
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Translating, is the first thing I learnt to do in French, it's a handy skill to have and if you can translate as a job you get paid mega bucks! There are some good ones there Victor, Thanks for sharing.
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