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Stingy little kitty!

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Starbucks is collecting dog/cat items to donate to the humane society. I packed a bag last with some stuff I have had accumulating of Dori's. 2 food bowls, a new bag of kitten food she never ate, unopened bags of treats my sister brought Dori she refused to eat, some Nutro Max wet food Dori refuses to eat, a few blankets, and a couple of toys I threw in there because Dori has way too many. Anyway, I got up this morning and Dori had pulled the toys out and put them in the other room, all but a crackley frog I explained to her we need to donate those items to poor kitties that aren't as lucky as her and don't have a home. She just kind of cocked her head to one side as I talked to her, then as I was walking out the door with the bag she was looking at me with those cute little eyes as if to ask why I was taking her toys away. I gave one back to her before I left. She is so silly, she never plays with any of her toys anyway!
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Awwww how cute

I wonder if their doing it here in the UK, because we have Starbucks here now?.
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mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm I love Starbucks! Allthough, I need a second job to support my habit. I noticed that the one near my work doesn't have the drive, but the one near my house does.....
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A Grande Latte(Large!! )
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In the winter I drink a grande white chocolate mocha, and in summer I drink Grande mocha frappacino (sp?) or a Grande Chai Frap. mmmm mmmm mmmm all with whip cream! I know that I am not supposed to do this it is a no no but on the rare occasion that a Starbucks drink makes it home with me, I let Dori take a few licks of the whip cream.
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Now i want one
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Me tooo! I have an alternative to Starbucks though, I buy the Mocha flavored Nescafe' syrup (on the aisle with the chocolate milk mix, cofee etc.) and mix it in a glass of milk, add ice and whip cream to the top. I just might have to make myself one at lunch time

OOOO no wait, I can't do that because I HAVE to go to Starbucks to drop off my donations for the humane society, guess I will be doing that on the way to class tonight. Susan if you were here we could have one together!
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MMMMMM! Starbucks!! I'll have to go see if they are doing it at the one near me. I have some food and treats and stuff that the cats won't eat that I could donate.

I think it is so funny that Dori didn't want to give up her toys. This morning I had to get something out of a box that was only half open. I opened it all the way, and found a toy in there! One of the cats must have "hidden" it there. It made me smile first thing in the morning (which is a very difficult task!)
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Y'all are SOOOO mean!!! I have to drive an hour for my Starbucks fix, or settle for Borders or Joe Muggs (which are OK, but they ain't Starbucks!!!) Now I really want a Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha and I don't care that it's 75 degrees out!!! Thanks a lot
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