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Help- Kind of a long rant...

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Hi there,

So, yesterday was a very challenging day for me with George. I had been away for the weekend to visit my mom, my husband at home with George. Anyhow I returned home yesterday and George was as always his adorable self, but as the day went on I grew increasingly frustrated with him.

I believe at one point in George's life he was outside. We have opted to keep him in and seem fine with that. When we are home we have a sliding door in the kitchen that looks out to the backyard which George loves to sit in front of all day if he can. It is right by the woods so he can hear and watch birds, the neighborhood cats and squirrels. Yesterday every time I opened that door to go out back he would jump out and start walking around. he never took off on me and when I would go to pick him up he would not run, but one of the times I brought him in- as I was putting him down he clamped onto my head with all 4 paws and scratched my head- and it was pretty painful. I was so mad- I admit I raised my voice to him, but he just sat there and then tried to bite my arm. My husband seems to think it was him playing and I guess it was, but it really hurt. His claws are getting long and I have had no luck in trying to clip them. We tried again last night, and he tried to bite me again- after the third time I gave up.

But back to the wanting to go outside. Now, when I am down in the garage doing something, George loves to come in, if I open the garage door he will not even go near the door or run out- only up at the back door in the kitchen is he looking to go out. I don’t know what to do. Should I try letting him out in the back just when I am outside? What about the rest of the time- is that mean to him? We are not home all day, so will he start to be resentful during the day if he can not go out? What about an enclosure? Are they really enough for a cat to be satisfied? Not only are they expensive, but we have a lot of neighborhood cats that roam around our yard, will it be a problem if they are roaming around while George can only stay in the enclosure?

He has also taken to jumping up on top of the kitchen cabinets- which is right by the ceiling- so I guess it is the highest point for him, which I get. I don’t mind him so much up there, but when he comes down, he jumps on the stove or by my multiple cacti on the fridge- so he is either going to burn him self on the stove or get prickles from the cacti. I use a spray bottle to get him down- as I can not reach there, then he jumps all over the counter which is a no-no. I don’t know what to do- it is hard to teach him these things when we are gone all day- and I am sure he does everything he should not.

He is also ruining the carpet- I have bought him all kinds of scratch pads, perches, posts etc... Sprinkled catnip on them- he does not want to use them... I can not afford to replace my carpet, but he is starting to rip it right up from the floor!

I also want to mention that I have tried to work on how I pet him, only doing it for a short time and when I start to see the warning signs stop, so he does not bite or scratch me, my husband however is not so good about it- he kind of “bugs†George just to play with him not be mean, but then George will bite and scratch him because he has had enough,.

I love George to pieces! I try to do the right thing, maybe I am expecting too much from him? I don’t know how to teach him things when I can not be consistent. I know I have mentioned a lot of different things here, they all kind of came to a head yesterday. But then in the afternoon, I was trying to take a nap on the couch he came up and napped with me, it was so sweet- he has never done that with me, so how could I stay mad at him? He is also eating and using his litter box fine, so I don’t know if it is him or me.

All thoughts, ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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I think you need to read a good book on cat behavior. My favorite books are “Is Your Cat Crazy?” and “Psycho Kitty” You can find them both here as well as many other great books that will help you solve these behavior problems.

In the meantime, to stop the aggression please read this thread

To stop the carpet scratching read this thread . By the way, my cats were doing the same thing, but stopped when I put cheap large cardboard scratching pads (not the skinny ones) on the rug where they scratched. They like the large pads because they are big enough to lay on and to play on.

Regarding the enclosures; our members who have built enclosures swear by them. Their cats love being outside, but they are completely safe from predators, cars, and evil people.
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I can understand what you are talking about. Miikka is the same way.
She has never run outside before. Today when I got home from work she bolted out the front door and proceeded to "lay" in the mud... I was not impressed and she got yelled at which I feel bad about doing. She was also pretty ticked that I had to wash the mud off her paws and tummy.

I am also afraid of her going onto the stove. Lately she has LOVED being on my kitchen counters. I am afraid that if she keeps going there she might get burnt. Instead of the spray bottle I have put some macaroni into a tupperware container that I shake whenever she is somewhere that she shouldnt be. It seems to work well, but she always goes back to doing the same thing a day or so later.

I currently wont let her outside at all. I leave windows open to get fresh air in and I leave the blinds up so she can look outside on most windows. She isnt allowed outside until I get her spayed, and after that she will only be allowed outside on a halter when I am out there with her.

I am also thinking of getting an enclosure for her or building one myself.
Let me know if you think of any ideas to help these problems, and I will let you know if I devise anything to help the issue.

David & Miikka
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