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I am glad to hear your babies are both doing better I think that Tipsy is going to come around soon and before you know it they will be well adjusted and running around playing together
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sorry to go on about this - and I probably should ask this question in the health forum - but thought I would continue it here as you all know the situation.

Cedar seems okay - he has been eating up a storm today - his leg is still tender (I think the pain killers are wearing off) so I will see how that is in the morning

but my main concern at the moment is Tipsy... he really hasnt eaten much the last 48 hours. He did eat a little last night, maybe a few mouthfuls but nothing today - well if he did eat it wasnt much. He isnt even interested at all - usually he is screaming for his food in the morning and night..
He is drinking however.
and I have noticed he now has diarrhea... I understand that he is probably still stressed about Cedar arriving...

is it time for the vet for him? thanks again everyone - you have all been amazing!!!
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Yes, it's time for a vet visit for Tipsy. A newcomer in the house will always cause some upset but Tipsy's symptoms have gone beyond the new kitten blues. Cedar may have been carrying something like a mild URI or a tummy bug that he wasn't affected by but has passed on to Tipsy. The vet will do a few tests and probably recommend a course of antibiotics. Gather a stool sample from Tipsy on the day you visit so the vet can check it. If you wanted to, you could offer a little kitten glop to tempt him until you can get in to see the vet. Cats can get sick quite quickly from not eating so get an appointment ASAP.
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Thanks Tania - I assumed that was going to be the response - but I just wanted to see what you guys thought could be the problem and to make sure I wasnt over-reacting. I didnt think I was - but always good to get a second opinion before rushing off to the vet to find out its just new addition blues.

I will certainly make an appointment first thing in the morning. Is a stool sample essential? Just incase I cant get one?

thanks again
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No it isn't imperative to get a stool sample but if he doesn't produce one on the day, you can gather one no longer than 12 hours before you see the vet. If not, don't worry, if the vet wants one, you can bring it along another day. Poor little guy.
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Glad to hear that Cedar is doing better, but am hoping all goes well with Tipsy. That would be no fun to get sick on top of having to deal with new competition in the household.
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Daniel I am sorry to hear that Tipsy still isn't feeling well. Please let us know what the vet says today when you get back.
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I went to the vet this morning after yet another morning of Tipsy just ignoring his food. I couldnt get a stool sample so went without one.

Tipsy has a temperature of 52.5 and he said it shouldnt be more than 49.0 so theres the reason - the poor little fella has an infection or similar... So he gave him some tablets and I have some paste that I have to give him for the next week (that will be interesting!! ) ... he said I should notice an appetite by tomorrow - and if no change to bring him back after the weekend.
The good sign is that he is still running around and 'happy' which is great.
The vet also stated that his fur still looks sleek and he isnt dehydrated so - all good news on that front.

so that was this morning at 10am - I just got home after doing some shopping its now 2pm and Tipsy was waiting for me at the car door - he came inside and I decided to try and see if he wanted something to eat
AND HE DID albeit not much - but its a start I nearly cried!! mum is so proud of her boy!!!

awwww I think my boys are on the mend

will let you know how the weekend goes fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

thanks everyone again
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Danielle, here's hoping your two little guys are both happy and healthy soon.
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