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How do I get Buffy to stop "helping" me scoop her box?

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Every single time I try to scoop out the pee and poop in the litter boxes, Buffy comes running and won't give me peace. If I scoop the scooper into the litter, Buffy reaches her paw in and snags one of the bars on the scooper with a nail. Then she pulls the scooper towards her, and I'm trying to pull it away, because theres poop on it and if she manages to get it towards her, the litter thats in the scooper will leak out through the bars and get all over the floor. Well, if I'm pulling the scooper away from her, she'll usually let go, but its like a spring. The scooper flies away from Buffy, and I'll be lucky if the poop doesn't go sailing across the room.

And sometimes, when I'm trying to level the litter, so there aren't any bald spots in the corners or something, she'll jump in and will start digging like a dog. That causes the litter to go flying out of the box. Its cute, when you stand back and look at it, but when you're bent over, hair in your face, trying not to breath in the smell (not that its bad, but I've got a phobia about the dust clumping up in my lungs ), then its kind of frustrating when Buffy makes it so hard. I tried shutting her in her carrier, but she screamed bloody murder. I positioned the box so she could see what I'm doing, but she just started wailing, poking her paws through the bars as if she'd been shut away in prison. So... Is there any hope?
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Sophie tries to grap the scooper as well.

Every night when i sweep up the litter that they've flicked out the box, Rosie goes after the handbrush
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Dori tries to "help" me as well. I scoop out her box every morning and she supervises. Luckily she doesn't attack the scooper though. The funny thing she does is every other morning she will decide she needs to use her box atthe exact minute I am scooping it.... so I have to go out of the room for a few minutes and come back. Silly kitty!

Could you maybe try to scoop the litter around their feeding time (if you don't free feed)? Then she will be occupied while you scoop. Sorry, that's about all I could think of.....
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Have you considered closing a door to the room where the litter box is located or putting her in another room with the door closed when cleaning out the litter box? I've had to resort to putting Charlotte behind closed doors when I water my plants. Otherwise, she is RIGHT there trying to provide her assistance. This works well.
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Jeepers is exiled to the living room when we change the litter (because of her penchant for 'litter football' I end up changing the lot most days).

She's locked away from the litter at changing time because she doesn't seem to grasp that litter is not a plaything or that ripping the plastic bag whilst I'm emptying the litter into it is also unacceptable .
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LOL! I had the same problems...but then I got Dante(my dog) and he keeps them at bay.
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I have the same problem, she will either climb into the box, rip the baggie, chase the scoop, or try to fling poopies and chase the broom.. Now she is exciled to being locked in my room. No need to make a 15 minute job if she helps me out of a 5 minute job if she doesnt!
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I suppose I could shut her away in a room... The boxes are in the downstairs living area, which has no doors, so I can't keep her out that way. I'll try scooping while she's upstairs, but I swear she can hear the litter moving from the opposite side of the house! If she really can hear it, then she'll have to be shut away in a room, but then she might rebel and poop under my bed... lol
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I am sorry, I had to laugh at your description of 'like a spring' - it gives me a funny image in my head.

Could you try putting her in the bathroom while you scoop?
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