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Healing prayers/Vibes/Thoughts desperately needed

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My sister sent me this email from her best friend the other day. I've known the mother since she and my sister were in 7th grade...about 25 yrs ago. Her daughter is 18.
Sorry this is so long
Megan was hit by a car in TN and thrown high in the air, bounced on the car a few times, and was then thrown 99 feet, according to the police report. I am now going to call her Miracle, not Megan

Making a long nightmare short, right now we are looking at a long laceration that was stitched. I haven't seen it because her head is completely wrapped in bloody bandages I think she has a broken nose. She lost her front tooth. Right now she has a respirator breathing for her but they might take that out tonight. I am actually waiting for them to get me (hopefully) when they take it out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Her neck is in a brace to keep her head still. She has many fractures in her shoulder, which was dislocated. she slid on her belly and her shirt went up so her stomach is a mess and internally bruised. her pelvis is fractured in many places. Her leg is broken, her kneee is shattered so bad that she may not walk again. Today she had a pin put in her shin which was shattered. The artery in her left leg (all injuries in leg on left) is slow which means worse case she might lose her foot. She has a break in her back pelvis too. She is very scratched and bloody.

The good part. God is good and Megan is not brain damaged, or dead for that matter. Flat on her back with a respirator in her mouth and tied down, she made a motion to write so we put a pen in her hand and put a pad to it and she wrote without seeing. Her brain is perfect, she even remembered which sodas were for who that she was holding when she got hit.

This afternoon I thought there would be no problem with her walking but now I'm not so sure. She will be in a wheelchair for a long time.

She will miss her prom, and graduation since she will not pass her classes. She is very upset about that.

Megan doesn't know the extent of her injuries, she thinks she has a few bones.

I stayed the night on a hospital chair and never fell asleep. As you can tell by my typing, I'm exhausted.

Oh, Erin had to put the cat to sleep today too.

Megan is front page news on all the tv's. Her senior picture was so god awful that we never bought it and guess which one is covering the screen on all tv's. They are interviewing all her friends too.

I will try to get online more to keep myself sane but that's unlikely since I can't find a telephone modom to work.

I know you're praying for her, strangers from many states are and I am convinced that that's why she has no internal injuries, is not brain damaged and paralyzed.

I heard from Laura tonight. Megan has a 6" gash on top of her head, but her hair will eventually cover that. She's horrified that they had to shave half her head. (Proof she's feeling better) They've taken her off the oxygen and she's sitting up in a recliner. They're still worried about pneumonia. The artery in her foot is flowing faster so the worry about loosing her foot is growing fainter. She won't be able to put any weight on her legs for 2 months to help her pelvis heal. They're trying to arrange a way to get her home. Laura is going to have to find a hospital bed, wheelchair, potty etc and move it into her dining room. She's also going to need to find a physical therapist.

"Anyway, she is depressed, in pain, very upset about her tooth and doesn't believe me that it can be replaced. Her knee and leg are in a metal removable brace to keep them immobile from her pin operation and she doesn't believe me or the surgeon that she will be able to move the leg even tho we showed her that she can move her toes and feel everything. Her shoulder will not need surgery, we will just wait and see how it heals and hope that the shards don't go in her rotator cup which will impede mobility."

Other good news...the school principal called Megan himself to tell her she will graduate with her class. She'll have just a few classes to finish with a tutor.
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Sandy, sending lots of good vibes and prayers for Megans continued recovery.
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sending Megan and her family lots of healing vibes!
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Wow, what this young girl and her family must be going through! Megan is in my prayers.
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Prayers from South Africa too. What actually happened? It sounds horrendous!
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Originally Posted by Shadowfein
Prayers from South Africa too. What actually happened? It sounds horrendous!
Megan was on a school trip with her class. She went across the street to buy sodas for some of her friends and was hit by a car on the way back. The police are calling it a pure accident....the driver was not intoxicated or speeding. But to throw her almost 100 feet, that car had to be moving fast!
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How awfull .Sending your friend (((((healing vibes))))))

Keep us updated
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Loads of 'Get well soon' vibes coming her way although from the description of her accident it sounds like her guardian angel is already on the case.
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Whoa! She is lucky to be alive! I agree with the name Miracle, not Megan!

She is in my thoughts!
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Wow, Megan is very lucky to be alive. My prayers and thoughts are with her for a speedy recovery It is great also that the school is making arrangements to allow her to graduate with her class, also I think it will be hard for her to see it this way, especially because of her age, that the physical scars are nothing. She is alive and that is something to be happy about.
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Healing vibes on their way from Colorado!
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Loads of healing vibes from the UK.
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Healing vibes from Germany for Megan!
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