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Ovariohysterectomy and Menopausal Effects

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Hi, my cat (Mimi!) is going to be spayed tomorrow. I have a lingering suspicion, however, about the way of the operation. Because the vet would remove ovaries entirely, my cat won't come into heat and go crazy. Plus, we won't have to worry about her having litters, right?

But what about those negative effects associated with deficiency or imbalance of hormones? Won't removal of ovaries have similar effect as menopause in human women, such as increased risks of osteoporosis and heart disease? Did anybody here talk with their vet about this?
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First of all, congrats on having the appointment to have your kitty spayed! Now, about your questions, you are actually preventing your kitty from the possibility of several types of cancers by having her spayed, and not exposing her to the risks that you are afraid of. Kitties aren't wired like humans reproductively, therefore, there aren't the links to diseases that we women have. Hope to see more of you !
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A big day tomorrow. Good luck Mimi
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