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Spare some good vibes for my girls?

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You know that saying "When it rains, it pours"? Well, that's what is happening here...both of my furkids are feeling a little under the weather. Echo has been having some issues with her bum again lately (scooting on the floor & now the skin is red and irritated) & Tiki started urinating on the couch again (thats the first sign that she's got a bladder infection). For the most part, they're still spunky as ever but at times I can tell they just don't feel the greatest. Tiki's been acting super strange lately. She's been going up to different doors in the apartment, yowling like she's gone mad & then she'll take off running. I don't know if the UTI & this are related to each other, but regardless she's going to get checked out just in case. Actually both the girls are going to the Vet on Wednesday, so that'll be interesting having both cats at the Vet at the same time. Plus, we're going to a new Vet to boot! I really wanted to take them to the All Feline Hospital, but the place never would answer their phone! So, I did a little searching & I found a nice place just down the street from us. They specialize in dogs and cats, so I have faith that they have knowledge of what is happening to my babies. I had a good gut feeling when I talked to them on the phone & usually thats a sign for me. I'm praying that they'll take excellent care of them!

I know first hand how wonderful this board is about generating such awesome vibes, could you all spare a few for my babies? I just worry so much about getting a good vet since I've had some horrific experiences in the past. Luckily this place has 4 Vets in their clinic, so if one doesn't know there are other people to give advice.
Thanks a million!
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The girls are indeed in my thoughts. Do let us know how they fare!
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spare a few vibes??? we can spare LOADS of get better vibes!!!

echo and tiki are in my thoughts - keep us updated and let us know what the vet was like
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Warm thoughts and loads of good vibes coming your way. Get better soon Echo and Tiki.
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Sending out healthy vibes to Echo and Tiki, and I'm really hoping the vet is a good one for all three of you!
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I will be praying for both girls
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sending in postitive vibes for them.. keep us updated
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Sending positive vibes that they get better real soon.

Also have them check the Anal Glands on the one that is scooting.
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Make sure they check for worms for the one scooting...

Wishing you and especially your two kitties the best!

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Wow, Shell, you and your girls are reallly having a tough time! You, Tiki and Echo are in my thoughts and prayers!
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Your girls are very much in my thoughts. Let us know Shell.

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(((((((((((GET WELL SOON VIBES)))))))))))))) for Echo and Tiki
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Thanks Guys! I truly appreciate the prayers and good vibes!

I'll be calling the vet again today while at work...maybe they can get little Tiki in today. Last night before I went to bed, I seen that she urinated on my bed. Granted, I was upset that I had to change my linens before I could go to sleep, but the scary part of it was that there was a slight hint of blood in the urine! I've never seent that before, so I'm scared about that! Please keep my little girl in your thoughts today! Thanks again!
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they are both in my thoughts, keep us posted
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Lots of 'Get well soon' vibes for Echo & Tiki ((((((((HUGS))))))))
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Get well soon guys!
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I so hope they can fit Tiki in today for you - good luck
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No such luck for todays appointment. She just looks like she doesn't feel good, but still spunky enough for a quick wrestle with Echo. I haven't found any poddy spots just today...so I'm hoping that there isn't any blood in it if I do find one. It wasn't much, but the urine was definitely a more orangish red color. My sweet baby...I have her so many hugs and kisses when I came home today from work. I finally got the hint that she was tired of them when she gave me that evil eyed look. Hopefully in a few days, she'll be back to her old self again!

Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers and vibes! Tiki thanks to you!
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May your kitties get well soon Shell.
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Thank you all!

Well, I took the girls in today & unfortunately Tiki is still there. She refused to give him a urine sample & I'm now waiting until they call me to pick her up. We discussed how we may have to do an ultrasound on her & he was very concerned that she has had so many in the past year. We'll be changing both of their foods very soon & that will be a difficult task for all of us. Echo hasn't lost any weight after all (she looked it to me!)...she right at 20 pounds. He wants her to start a special food that can not be free fed & Tiki shouldn't eat it either. He wants her to start a different kind of food but it just depends on the exact problems with her urine. He told me that I should fed them seperately & once or twice per day. He said that it's ok to just feed them once a day, but that just seems so little for them to eat. I don't like the fact that they'll be hungry all the time!
As for the Vet, Dr Bryan was super!

Oh shoot...the vet just called & Tiki just gave them a sample! YAY! I'll write more when I get home!
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Shell to you girl .
I hope "Tiki" is ok and will not come up with something . You can feed "Echo" twice a day , just cut it in half for her what she is suposed to eat . I know it is going to be hard on you , but I am sure you will find a way to do it . I am glad you like the vet , that is a good sign . Let us know what is going on with "Tiki"
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Got home a little while ago...what a long & expensive day! My nerves are shock to hell and back.
Tiki does after all have a terrible infection. Unfortunately it is not in her bladder, it is in her kidneys. Dr is afraid that she may have PKD since she is chronically having problems along this line. He's decided not to change her or Echos food until after their infections are completely gone. He also requested the previous records from the other vet & he was very unhappy about them. He told me they contradicted themselves in the results last time. Her PH was at a 6 (normal level) but yet she has crystals in her urine. He said that should have been a sign for them to look deeper & examine her kidneys. Now, she may have some permanent damage to them since she may have had this infection for many many months. He is very optimistic that she will recover & will live a very happy life if we continue to prevent these infections.
As for Echo, she was so unbelievably upset today! I just about cried when I heard her screaming in the back office. I have never heard her scream out like that & I pissed that I couldn't see what they were doing to her. They ended up shaving her little butt & cleansed the area very well. I have a powder called neoPredef that I need to put on her twice a day. She also got an injection for inflammation & her rabies shot. Poor kid went through the ringer today! Tiki's on antibotics and will be for a total of 21 days. Once her med's are finished, we're off to get another sample taken & then we'll discuss food options.

Man...my head spinning with all the information & my pocket book is about $120 lighter. But my babes are worth every bit of it! I just thought I'd update you all and what has happened today. Thank you all very much for the vibes & such! The girls thank you too!
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Oh noooooo , I am sooooooo sorry about the girls . Please hang in there girl to you . I am sure glad you change the vet , at least now you know your girls are in good hands . The bill was not to bad really , if you think about all what was done for the girls , test and all . I hope and pray after the antibiotics when they make a other test on Tiki that it is not PKD and she is well
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I'm sorry to hear all the trouble for your two girls. I do hope that Tiki doesn't have PKD, but obviously she can do well even with the condition with the right care...just look at Tammie's Hallie. I hope Echo feels better after her treatment too.
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Wow, Shell, what a rough day! It's great to hear that you and the girls are comfortable with your new vet, and it sound as if he is doing a very thorough job. I'm so sorry to hear about Tiki's infection, but it's a relief that you finally know the problem and are able to treat it. Hopefully this will be effective, 21 days must seem like a long time! I pray that she doesn't have PKD, but know that if this is the case, you will care for her so well she will live a perfectly healthy life regardless of the diagnosis. Poor Echo It must have just broken your heart to hear her screaming today! I sure hope both are relaxing now that they're finally home with you. Getting a kitty on an effective weight loss plan can be so difficult, and how frustrating that you thought she had lost weight but she hadn't! You have so much information to absorb tonight! Thank you for sharing this with us! Please keep us posted how everyone-including you-is feeling! Stephanie
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I'm sorry your girls are going through this. They and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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oh shell - I am sorry to hear all of this - your girls have had a big day - as have you... chin up. At least you this new vet is looking into everything!! thats good to know!

both you and your girls are in my thoughts
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Shell, I'm sorry to hear your girls are not feeling well and that you are going through this.

Sounds like you found a great Vet. and I am very happy they were thorough with the exams of your babies.

(((HUGS))) to you and the girls.

Please keep us posted on their progress
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Awww your poor babies!!! I hope everyone (including you) is feeling better soon. At least the new vet seems keen to get to the bottom of your girls problems, fingers crossed it's plain sailing from here on in.
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Shell, I'm glad you've found a good vet who discovered the reason for all the problems. I wish both kitties the best.

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