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At wits end and still going.

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Yes, it's another exciting litterbox issue. Our cat, which is about 4 years old, just flat out refuses to use the litterbox now. At first it was every once and while and now its all the time and this has been going on for almost a year. No matter what she will not use the litterbox to poop. She will go anywhere else in the room, and only in that room, but will not use the box. She has visited the vet in recent months and other then being a little chubby there is nothing wrong with her.

If you catch her in the act she knows she is in trouble and runs off right away and sometimes you will even see her scratching at the carpet as if trying to bury her mess. The litterbox has been in the same spot for a couple years and it was never was an issue until this past year. I have even tried moving it and though she will pee in it to mark it as hers she will still not use it. I'm really running out of patience and could use some help.
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What is the room that she favors currently being used for??

You also may want to post this question here:


As there is a vet who answers questions.
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Have you seen this link?


Always adding a litter pan helps, cats poop in one place, and then move off and pee in another. Giving them that option always helps, you need to also look at the litter pan, location, is it really clean enough? Cats are fastidious creatures, and what looks clean to you may not be to the cat.
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When you took your cat to the vet did you have the vet specifically test for urinary tract problems? A regular exam will not detect urinary tract problems, so if you did not specifically aske for this type of check, your cat might be ill despite the clean bill of health.

Believe it or not, inappropriate urination is the most common symptom of a urinary tract infection. So chances are good that this is what is happening with your cat.

If your vet did indeed check for urinary tract problems and found that there is nothing going on, please click here to read many suggestions for stopping inappropriate urination.

Good luck!
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