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Kitty Mother of 3 wants to say hi

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Hello to all. My name is Susie, and I just found this board. How cool is this? other kitty nuts like me! I love this! I have to tell you all, I had 2 dogs for 17 years until 2000, and up until that point, I thought cats were nice, but dogs were the perfect pet. Well, I still feel that dogs are fantastic pets, but since we adopted our kitties, (or should I say they adopted us), I am definitely a cat lover now. All it took was to hold one of those sweet things, and I was hooked. Luckily my husband Jerry was hooked too.
If you'd like to email me, that would be great.
or if you'd like to see a pic of my babies and thier stories, it can be read at
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Welcome to TCS Susie, Trixie, Petals & Tigger
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome aboard!

You've come to the right place.

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Welcome to TCS Susie, Trixy, Petals and Tigger. What a beautiful family you have!
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welcome to tcs susie, hope you like it here
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Welcome to the site Susie, Trixie, Petals and Tigger! What a gorgeous trio of kitties!

Yup, you've come to the right place if you want to be surrounded by fellow cat lovers. Hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward to getting to know you, Trixie, Petals and Tigger on the board!
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Welcome to the site
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Thanks to all for welcoming me aboard. And also for the compliments on my babies..........cats sure are fun animals, aren't they? My husband and I were laying in bed this morning, about 15 minutes before the alarm goes off at 5:15, and Tiggy and Petals are jumping around the bed, across, up and over our bodies, chasing eachother, etc. Thank GOD Jerry is good natured. I started to laugh and told him to "take cover". I personally think those stinkers just want to make sure we're awake so I will get up and feed them. They share a big can of Friskies in the morning, then dry food the rest of the day.

We live in about the rest of you?
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I think they want to make sure you are awake also My 1 and 1/2 year old Dori, does this same thing at 5:30 am. I also feed her Friskies (her fave is turkey and cheese) when I wake up in the morning and free feed dry the rest of the time. But instead of running around the bed, she bites my elbows! She does this every morning. Weekends she lets me sleep until 7:00.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I have lived here my whole life, except 1 year I lived just outside of Baltimore, Md in Owings Mills. It was a nice place, but I quickly got homesick and had to get back. It got a little cold for me
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Your so lucky to live in a warm climate. At least in the winter that is. Too hot for me down there in the summer.

Your also very lucky to be able to have the chance to sleep in till 7 on the weekend. My honeys don't seem to know the difference. Most times I just get up to feed them, then come back to bed.

How many cats do you have? Here's a pic of my kitty Petals...........
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Petals is really cute. I just have one kitty. Her name is Midori, I call her Dori for short. She is my first cat and I keep considering getting another, but now is not really a good time. I work full time, but have school and am going to be cutting back my work hours next semester because of it. So I can't really afford at the moment the shots and spaying/neutering etc. Plus, the way I spoil her I would run myself broke if I had 2, even without vet bills

I don't know how she knows it's the weekend I don't know if she notices our routines are different in the evening before, or what. She actually sleeps with me every night and I don't think she wakes up before 7:00 on weekend either. She is just a smart little kitty
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to TCS
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Very cute kitty
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Hello and welcome to TCF...
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