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Can you Wait Patiently?

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I'm sat here waiting for my C.S.I. - Dark Motives game to arrive, all the lucky American fans got the game on 27th March, the UK release is Friday (and I'm all pre-ordered! ).

It almost feels like Christmas when I was a kid, waiting and waiting (time moving slower & slower) Kinda like waiting for the weekend! (only 4 more shifts 'till the weekend! ).

I am not a patient person when it comes to waiting for things to arrive Is anyone else this impatient or am I the only one???
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I am very impatient when it comes to waiting for things to arrive, especially mail order stuff. I get that way with my Dawson's Creek Dvd's. The 3rd season is being released on June 29th, I preordered it with Amazon.com. Delivery date is July 3rd, I have checked like 5 times since I ordered it to see if they have changed the date to sometime sooner! (I even paid for fast shipping, like 3 days really makes a difference when I am waiting this long) Oh, and I also have it shipped to my work so I don't have to wait out the whole day to get home!
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Patience? Whats that?

Does the first CSI game have subtitles on it? I have thought about getting it but not knowing if it has subtitles on it has made me a little wary of buying it - if I can't hear what the characters are saying, then whats the point - can you tell me?

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Yes the first game has subtitles (as does the second according to the reviews I've read), I'm also waiting for a new copy of that to arrive but I should have that by Wednesday. If you do get the game make sure to download the patch from CSIguide it fixes all the known bugs in the game including problems with subtitles.
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That is great, now I have every excuse to go out and buy it! Yay! Thanks!
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Patience is NOT in my vocabulary. Christmas and birthdays are torture! Ordering something is just as bad!

My S/O Bob and I play a little game to make the time go faster. He'll describe a gift and then give me the first letters in each word describing the gift. But he won't use the normal words! For example, my ruby bracelet was "A flexible round band with red stones that goes under your hand." I only got 2 guesses a day so they had to be creative.
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That game is a really good idea It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun while waiting "patiently" for it to be gift time
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Patience???? What language does it come from?
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