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Anyone know anything about goldfish?

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I just got back from going home for lunch and one of my goldfish was floating upside down in the tank. He is not dead, I tapped the tank (lightly) he moved upright, but then slowly floated back over upside down. It was almost like he couldn't help doing it.... Any suggestions?
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i know quite a bit about fish as i have a 4ft tank and loads of them.
when they are upside down this means that they are dieing, thats happened to loads of mine, i dont mean to put a downer on things but he'll probably be dead by morning....sorry
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Anne's new website might help you.There are some good links there for other goldfish sites

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this is a good one aswell that i often use
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I don't know anything, but Anne (owner of TCS) also has a goldfish website. http://www.goldfish-care.com/
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I sure hope this fish doesn't die. I was upset when my 13 year old goldfish died, and my bf's son begged me to get another, so I got 2 more for the tank. He loves them, he will be upset with me

I found a link off Ann'e goldfish site that mentioned something I heard before about feeding them shelled boiled peas to help with digestion problems, etc. His stomache is swollen, and that was one of the symptoms. Hopefully that will do the trick. I just need to stop at the store on the way home and pick some up. (I hate peas and never cook them)

Hopefully I can save the poor little fishie!

Oh and thank you very much for the links to the gold fish site
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http://boeing_dude.tripod.com/id41.htm <--might help

Please do some reading on goldfish. By some, I mean a lot. One website written by one person is not necessarily accurate or complete. Read plenty of books, articles, websites. After all, you wouldn't bring a human baby or a cat home without learning how to take care of it, right?
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Originally Posted by Weatherlight
http://boeing_dude.tripod.com/id41.htm <--might help

Please do some reading on goldfish. By some, I mean a lot. One website written by one person is not necessarily accurate or complete. Read plenty of books, articles, websites. After all, you wouldn't bring a human baby or a cat home without learning how to take care of it, right?
I know how to care for the goldfish. I just was asking for advice in this situation.... My last goldfish lived for 13 years. I took excellent care of him I mentioned the thing about the peas because I heard that one long ago and actually used it on my old goldfish when he had some problems.... he wasn't floating upside down though. So anyway, being at work and busy I thought I could get some ideas from someone who might know something I don't.
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Well, most books will have a section on illness. I found http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...glance&s=books to have a rather thorough section on goldfish, including their illnesses, but I didn't memorize every symptom and treatment. I borrowed it from the library. I think I'll buy it if I get fish of my own. Very good reference book IMO. If you can find it, check it out ^^

What kind of goldfish was your old one, btw?
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LOL, good question . I don't know. I bought him for 25 cents at a pet store Good goldfish he was. He started in a fish bowl (I was 10 years old), then moved to a 2 gallon tank, then to a 5 gallon, where he lived his life. He lived in there by himself, I tried to put another fish with him but he killed them off. He was neat, when I put my hand in the tank he would swim right into it. He even moved with me along to Baltimore and back! I honestly didn't want another fish after he died, but my bf's little boy begged me to buy another. 2 more actually Esmerelda and Oswald.

Anyway, I stopped at Petsmart on the way home and talked to someone there. He thinks Oswald is having a problem with his swim bladder. He suggested feeding it only peas for 3 days, and after that he said to start soaking their flakes in the water for a few minutes before letting them eat it. Hopefully this will work.
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In addition to the peas, give them a 25% water change, it may or may not help, but can't hurt.

I'd upgrade their tank too, if you can afford it. 2 goldfish shouldn't be in anything smaller than a 29 gallon tank, if you ask me.
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I was going to suggest cleaning the filter and the water. We had a goldfish that acted dead but wasn't for a while and it was because the filter wasn't working right. Once we fixed that it started acting normal and it's still alive and frisky. Goldfish release a lot of ammonia and that can drown a fish.
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I did check the amonia levels in the tank with one of those tester tube kits, after adding the drops, which are supposed to make the water turn yellow, the water stayed clear, indicating the amonia levels are perfect. I actually just cleaned out the tank and gravel and all that good stuff 2 weeks ago or so. I can't really afford a bigger tank right now, we actually just got our 55 gallon tank set up 2 weeks ago. It has 2 cichlids (sp?) in it. (inherited from our moving neighbors) We really couldn't afford to set that up right now, but it was either that or they were gonna flush their fish

I gave the goldfish their peas last night and when I got up this morning they were both swimming normally. That doesn't necessarily mean anything though since Oswald wasn't floating upside down constantly... Will have to give it a little time to see how it goes. At least he made it through the night.
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i also have cichlids in my tank, 5 of them, 2 really big ones, 3 smaller ones, they are really beautiful fish, but dont you find they bully the other fish???
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In the cichlid tank there's just 2 of them and an algae eater. There is a large cichlid and a smaller one and the larger one bullies the smaller one to no end. He chases the poor thing all over, I feel bad for the little guy My bf told me that's just what fish do. I still don't like it. I hate knowing the little one is living his life in torture! They are both pretty though. The bigger one is a pretty blue but in the light he has a pink tint to him. My bf's little boy swears he looks like cotton candy

The goldfish are in a seperate 5 or 7 gallon tank.... can't remember the exact size. They are real small though.
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the biggest one out of them gives the rest a hard time, he and the other big one are sort of blue/black stripey, i have a albino one, a yellow one which is starting to go black, and a sort of orange one with black dots.
i also have an oscar, he is a mean bully, he ate my little neons whole!!!
but as long as theres loads of hiding places for them, i think they should be ok...i think
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I have to go on Wednesday and buy some more plants and rocks for them. It was last minute getting the fish and I spent like $70 on gravel and a few plants, but they need more. Had to wait for another payday. Right now the smaller cichlid and the algae eater hide under a plant that's in the corner. It's the darkest and most covered place. I want them to have more hiding places that what they have now.

Do your cichlids 'rearrange' your plants? Mine do, there's one plant that they just keep moving around, even after I cover the bottom with gravel
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yes they do, we bought loads of new plants on sunday, and put them all in and they look lovley, but everytime i come back home theres always one floating at the top of the water,so i put it back(thinkin i hadnt put it in propley) only to catch the biggest head-butting it!!!! (he a naughty fishy )
but my plecs are the most lovley peaceful fish in there, they just eat the algae all day.
so im gonna get some weights for around the bottom of my plants!
how many fish have you got in your tank, and how many feet is iy? mine is a 4ft tank
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Just the 2 cichlids and 1 algae eater. I am not sure the size of it width and height wise but it is 55 gallons...... Can you buy rocks and plants at smaller pet stores cheaper than you can at Petsmart? The rocks I bought were like $13 each! The larger ones at $21.99! Of course, I was buying the really pretty ones
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another good site is www.petfish.net It has all kinds of information on the care of various types of fish....I also believe there is a message board there. The first thing I would do is test the water's vitals. They have test strips for this at walmart by the fish food.
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yes, i am just the same, i have to buy all the prettiest plants and rocks, but they are ALOT cheeper at smaller pet stores, i got 9 plants all for just £5 (i dont know what that is in your money) but that is really cheap, also, you will find the rocks are alot cheaper, you will be surprised what nice things you can find at the smaller pet stores.
i think mine is a 55 gallon, but ill let you know for sure later when bf comes home
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Well then that settles it. I am going to wait until the weekend and drag my bf along shopping at a smaller fish store for new rocks and plants. I think I need more gravel too, actually I know I need more gravel. It's $13.00 for a 25-lb bag at Petsmart so hopefully I can find a deal on that too
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yes you should be able to, also, just thought id let you know, another good fish you may want to consider buying is a "coolie loach" they look like mini eals, and are so funny to watch, they wont get bullied buy other fish, and are really pleasant to keep
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Never heard of them...I am writing the name down. I do want to add something else, those sound perfect. Thanks for all of your help I can't wait to shop now this weekend!
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also i forgot to ask before, have your cichlids shown any sign of breeding yet? ive had mine now for ages and there is no sign i want them to have babies
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Hmmmm, no signs. I just got them 2 weekends ago. But from what I hear these fish have moved from family to family when someone has moved in my apartment complex they have passed them on to a friend and so forth. We are actually the 4th people to have owned them. (I personally would not give my fish away when moving, so they will be with us permanently). I need to read up on cichlids, as I don't know much about them and wouldn't know how to tell if they were breeding. I was planning on checking into it more this weekend, the last 2 weeks have been hectic with finals and a new class starting, oh and then there's work... what I am supposed to be doing now
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yep i know the feelin, when i find out more info i post it here.
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Sounds great thank you again for all the help!
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i just got a pikky of a "khuli loach" i spelt it wrong before
u can get them in other colours than this aswell
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LOL! When I first scrolled down to read your post (the screen was loading) I just saw part of the picture and it looked like you were posting a snake.... it does look neat though. Do they come in bright colors?
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