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Outsmarted by a cat again!

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I hate it when that happens! This isn't the first time.

At 8:10 I called the vet office for an appointment and they said I could come in at 9:00 if I could make it. So I said okay and started to rush around, as that only gave me twenty minutes to eat breakfast and get dressed. I know from experience that I need to allow at least half an hour to catch a reluctant cat and struggle to get him in the carrier and drive to the vet office. Well, I came downstairs after dressing and looked in the sewing room to see where Red Cat was, as I didn't want him to see me bringing the carrier into the bathroom, where I usually manage to corner him and get him in it.

Well, that Red Cat took one look at me, jumped out of his little bed and made a mad dash for the storage room under the stairs where he could hide behind all the boxes and it would take at least an hour for me to get at him. How in the world did he know what was up? Could he smell it on me? I'm not kidding; those cats do have a fine sense of smell and maybe it IS possible that I smell different with the thought of the stress ahead of me to catch that cat!

Anyway, I called the vet office and changed the appointment to 10:30. So now I am impatiently sitting here waiting for Red Cat to venture out from his hiding place. Next time I think I'll shut that door before I even make a call to the vet office!
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That is so funny I think that cats know what's going on no matter how hard you try to hide it from them I always shake a bag of treats to get Dori to come to me when I want her for something. Good luck on getting Red Cat out!
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hehe it seems you have a very smart cat on your hands
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Did you catch Red Cat???
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hehehe sounds like my three
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Well, he did venture out in time for me to close that door, then capture him. He made me get my exercise, though. We have an open plan house, so it is so easy for him to run around a circle of furniture, then upstairs, then around another circle through different rooms, then back downstairs. Wasn't it just a day or two ago I was complaining on another thread that I don't see any point of exercising unless it is to accomplish something?

Now tomorrow I have to take the other one in. Guess I'll be in for more exercise!
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Oh, this was funny. Red Cat went upstairs, saw that the door to the bedroom was still closed (from before I caught him to take him to the vet) and made a beeline for his hiding place in the storage room again. Guess he thought I was going to take him to the vet twice in one day. But a short while later, I started making lunch and opened a can of clams. Yep. You guessed it. He was back in the kitchen almost as soon as I got the can open. I'll have to remember that next time. It should work - once. That's all I was able to trick him with offering "treats" before a vet visit before he caught on.
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LOL Sounds like Red Cat is about the same as Ophelia when it comes to going to the vet. We have to ambush her in the bedroom, close all the doors, and generally have to flip the mattresses on end to take that hiding spot away from her.
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Peppurr is the only cat I have trouble getting to the vet. He won't fit in my carrier, so I have to wrap him up in a towel. But, it's not the part of getting Peppurr to the vet thats hard, it's when he get's there! As soon as I walk in the doors, he pee's everywhere! He then begins to struggle and looks at the vet like he's a monster! My cats HATE the outdoors, the moment I walk out the door with them, they scratch me up and run back inside.

Red Cat indeed is a very smart cat, he knows he's going to see the evil man in the white suit!
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These creatures are much too clever.
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Yeah been there as well!.

Rosie knows when she sees her carrier where she's going.

I have to unclip the top of the lid to put her in, then quickly clip the top back on where she hides underneath her blanket until the vet takes her out

Sophie easy!!. One hand and she's in
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Originally Posted by rosiemac

Sophie easy!!. One hand and she's in
haha - yeah for the time being

this thread has made me laugh - I sooo needed that!!!
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I was going to put something like that on the end but thought i'll enjoy it while she's still little!
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