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Smokie Jo and Samanthia

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I have a question.

Smokie has an appointment for her little surgery to be fixed. (Needless to say she is driving us all crazy ) but Sammy was born with a hole in her heart and the vet told us that they hoped it would close by the time of her first heat. Sammy is just comming out of the first heat so they have an appontment to have their pre-op test done. IF Sammy still has an open heart is there a shot the vet can give her to keep her from comming in?

Some might remember that Sammy is my bottle fed baby . She is so loveable and has turned into a beautiful black shinning cat. They are sisters both Manx with that thick body of fur.
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What I am asking might appear a stupid question but is there a shot or type of birth control for cats to keep them from comming into heat. My daughter had a cat( like my Sammy with a hole in the heart) but she was unaware of the problem. She took her cat to the vet on her way to work and was suppose to pick Annie up on her way home. She recieved a call from the vet that Annie died on the table. I don't want that to happen to my Sammy. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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I am aware of a shot for male cats that makes them sterile but I don't know if there is also one for girls.
Because your vet is aware of the problem before the surgery he/she can take extra care to monitor the heart during the procedure and there are different types or anesthesia they can use that affect the body differently.
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