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Hello, guys, not sure if this thread belongs here..But still need your advice. Last week I've noticed some ants ( little little ones) in my bathroom and dining room- I guessed because of some fruits we left on a table. So I went to K-mart and got Ants Killer thing- you know, white round one that you can stick in the corners of your house...so, I didn't see them for a while. Last night when I got home after work and wanted to feed Solomon- Ants were everywhere in his feeding bowl!!!! I was shocked! I don't like bugs- really don't like and always been scared, so now I am lost and don't know what to do. Because I am not only scared for myself but also for Solomon! If I'll get some kind of spray to kill ants- most of them are poison for annimals... Please, TCS people, help me!!!!! Today I watched Solomon eating and then through away what he didn't eat, but ants where there again 5 minutes later!!!!
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We are getting Ants too, I'm on the look out for a safe to use product, if I find one I'll let you know. In the mean time I found this It gives a recipe using Karo syrup and water that kills ants that apparantly is pet safe, also this page has some good tips.
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lay a trail of cinnamom ants hate cinnamom and won't cross the line
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They also won't cross lines of cream of tartar, red chili powder, paprika, or dried peppermint. Just put any of those where the ants are entering. Also, you can wash smooth, hard surfaces (like uncarpeted floors, countertops, and cabinets) with equal parts water and vinegar. It's nicer to you and everyone who lives there (even with no direct contact, toxic air is not healthy to breathe in), nicer to the environment, and certainly much nicer to the ants.

If you can feed your cat on a schedule and feed him at least three times a day (cats prefer several smaller meals to fewer big ones), do so, and wash the bowls as soon as he's done eating (do the same for your dishes). Make sure you store all food in sealed containers, don't leave crumbs lying around, take out the garbage often, and such. They won't want to move in in the first place, then.

Once they've all left, try filling in holes and cracks in walls with nontoxic white glue. They won't be able to come in later, even if they want to ^^
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I've been successful just putting the feeding bowl in a pan filled with water, though Hissy did mention that if the ants want it bad enough they'll form a bridge to get across the water. Now that's just scary.
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It may be easier to get rid of the ants if you can trace where they are coming from. Follow the line to the outside area and then get rid of them from there, that way (if Solomon is an indoor cat) he won't be in contact with the ant killer. You have to find their nest to get rid of them permenantly.
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No, you do not have to kill them all to get them permanently out of your house. Another colony will come right back in if the conditions are right. It's quite similar with feral cats--when exterminated, other cats will be dumped, other cats will breed, and the nice living area will be occupied again. Why do so many people think "kill 'em all" is the best solution? >.<
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GUYS! YOU ARE AWSOME!!!!! Espesially I loved the last reply!!!!! Isn't it funny- KILL 'EM ALL!!!!!! I think if I'll be more carefull and will keep Solomons food AWAY from the ants and will be more carefull with ours - ants will strat looking for another place to eat..maybe another house? By the way- I really loved idea about water bowl under the feeding bowl....Thank you, guys... I LOVE YOU TCS! You always make my day!!!!
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