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what's the funniest thing your cat does?

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i just thought id ask everyone what is the most funniest thing that your cat does?
mine is when im in the bath, socks follows me everywhere, so you can imagine he sits beside the bath, trying to jump up to see where ive gone!
a few times when he's jumped up, hes fell into the bath, and as we all know cats hate water, so now ive had to resort to putting a chair next to the bath so he can sit on it and make sure i have not disappeared.
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Rosie follows me everywhere as well, and normally grooms herself while i'm taking a bath.

Sophie, because she's only a kitten, if you walk into a room without warning, jumps towards you sidewards
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socks does that aswell! he makees me laugh so much when he does that
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Let's see....

Ivo thinks every door in my apartment leads outside. She'll stand by the closet, moaing and yelling to be let out, then is surprised when I open the door.

She also uses her litterbox when I use the bathroom the first thing after coming home from work.
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That's too funny! My cat Max goes to the litter box when my husband goes to the bathroom! Too strange.
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hehe........like father like son
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I will run from room to room and Scottie will chase me and jump onto my back (wrapping his front paws around my neck and holding on like a piggy back ride). The first time he did it to my step-son, he scared the crap out of Anthony.....It was hilarious. He tries to do it to my hub, but Andy is too tall, so he just clamps on to his lower back or legs.
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my bailey plays fish with your drink to get your ice or straws and in the sink he headbutts you to get attention the other two just follow you around
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Whenever I go to look into the mirror in the bathroom, Spike always jump up on the sill and blocks my view of the mirror (demanding to be petted and do headbutting). If I move to the other side of mirror, he'll move to block it!!

Buddy LOVES to be on my shoulders and goes crazy whenever another cat goes past with his/her tail waving- Buddy will start grabbing at the tail from my back.

Pepper would flip onto her back and look at me upside down. She also will rub my legs and arch her back begging to be petted.

Zebra acts soooo funny when she's chasing the other cats and the way she runs is just hilarious!!
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Ophelia yells at Daddy. She's kinda b!tchy, actually, but it's so cute. She'll make this little mrow and toss her little head, and even though we know she's yelling at him (sometimes me too, but she knows who will jump when she says so....) we just can't help but laugh at her!

Trent is just a goofball. Hubby thinks it's funny to scare him, make a loud PSSHT at him. One time Trent was just walking along and Earl did that, and Trent did a complete backflip. As much as I was trying to yell at Earl for scaring him, I just couldn't help laughing!
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Felix runs around the house with a bit of paper in his mouth and growls at any cat he passes on the way, as if it his kill, he can do this for ages with the same piece of paper.

If I tell Felix he has to use the scratch post instead of the furniture, Buttons immediately runs to the scratch post and shows him how to do it and then looks at me as if to say "I'm a good girl".

Tara is a hoot, she does many things, but one of the funniest is the special dance she has, which is only performed on the back of one particular sofa.

Pebbles is my serous babe, and the look on her face as she watches the others "do their stuff" is hilarious, very superior. She plays with them but if they do anything out of the ordinary she thinks herself above it.
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When I point my finger at Sam for doing one of the numerous things he isnt supposed to do he will smack my finger with his paw as if to say "Don't you point your finger at me!!"

Sally does a little dance for her food. Three steps one way, three steps the other, turn around, repeat as necessary.
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Opie has developed a new behavior: every night, after I go to bed, he wanders around the house singing and talking to himself. I know that he isn't talking to anyone else: Rowdy is in her crate, Bill is asleep, Buddy is snuggled up with me and Opie doesn't talk to dogs, except to swear at them. After a few minutes of this, he comes to bed and stays the rest of the night.

Rowdy has many quirks but, her funniest one is sticking her head into one of Bill's slippers and running across the floor with it.

Buddy's affinity for my clothes and underwear is hilarious. To see him, with a pair of panties on his head or wrapped up in a bra is a hoot! Buddy is either a pervert or a reincarnated transvestite.
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