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Survivor Finale?

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Well Amber took the money but the question is did Rob propose to her to get the share of the profits, or does he really love her? Any bets that they don't make it down the aisle? And Jerri leaving because the audience wouldn't accept her passionate speech, was that poor sportsmanship?

Anyone going to vote for the second million dollars? And who are you going to vote for? Have to admit, it was a good survivor season with all the villians in play and a dramatic ending. Wonder where the next one will be?
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I think he sincerely loves her, but I'm not so sure she reciprocates!

Jerri is oh as usual, and not taking any responsibility..she chose to sign up again for this kind of experience!

I have already voted for my favorite and look forward to seeing who wins this surprise second million
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i think it's funny that it came down to those two. i have always thought survivor was a big setup from the beginning. come on, anyone could have broken those two apart long ago, but no one was brave enough to do it. for someone winning a million dollars and for just have gotten engaged, Amber sure didnt look to happy. maybe she was shocked, who knows ... but, i dont see them getting married.
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Jerri - what a crybaby! She was one of my favorites before that.

Amber/Rob - I think they will get married, I don't see it lasting, though.

Extra million dollars - VOTE RUDY!!!!!

Shii Ann - I was happy she got the car, she was the only one of the remaining six that had a brain so she deserved something.

Jenna Lewis looked great with the straight, blond hair. I didn't notice how much of the scar was left, though.

Lex - he's a crybaby, too, but what a dork he is, too. He seems to think what he did to his good friend Ethan was ok because it was business, but when his good friend Rob did the same to him he was crushed. What an idiot. I always want to like Lex...but I always wind up glad when he gets voted off.

Hey - does anyone know what show they were talking about that did Sue's "extreme makeover." I don't think it was Extreme Makeover because that is on ABC and there are usually some contractual obligations that prohibit the survivors from appearing on other networks for x number of days/months. She didn't look all that different (except her chest), but then they didn't show her for that long, either.
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I really enjoyed the show last night. My vote goes to Rupert. He seems like such a really good all around family man, and works with troubled children. I hear Thursday is his daughter's birthday. What a wonderful present the million dollars will be! I say "will", because I think he will win in a landslide. And, what a great surprise for Shiann. I thought she was treated unfairly throughout the game. I think the show that did the makeover on Sue was Extra.
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I only watched season 2o survivor and never did watch any of the others including this all star.

But when I read about the "Survivor" meets "Bachelor," a smile came to my face. From what I read, it seems that the couple was already talking about marriage a few months before the finale. And also someone commented that Amber is really happy as her hands were trembling when she took the ring.

I hope their marriage will last but I also hope that NBC had better NOT come up with a "Surviv r: Wedding Special."

For those who did watch the show, could you please fill me in on their relationship during the show?

Hissy, you could look at it in another way, instead of Rob trying to share the profits, it seems that Amber have won $1.1million, 2 Cars and a Husband. Not bad I must say
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I voted for Rupert (several times) he's just such a sweet pea..Besides, Im from Indiana, to vote otherwise would be a disgrace

I think Robs intentions were true and I think he proposed beforehand so there wouldnt be any speculation such as "he asked her to marry him AFTER he found out she won" but I think they will be like Jen and Andrew--they won't make it to the altar.

Ack on Jerri...she's quite the drama queen isnt she?
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I think Rupert should get the second million as well. He's just like a big kid sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Abby7625

I think Robs intentions were true and I think he proposed beforehand so there wouldnt be any speculation such as "he asked her to marry him AFTER he found out she won" but I think they will be like Jen and Andrew--they won't make it to the altar.
Is it not romantic to proclaim your love to the whole world or to a few million people? It is like those people who propose at the stadium. Or do you remember New York Times Square during the New Year celebration, one person made sure he and his girlfriend stood at a place where the cameras would capture them. And when they appear on the Time Square screen, he whipped out this huge sign asking his girlfriend to marry him. Or you know when you are dating and you take the girlfriend to a concert with her favourite band and you take out this huge beach ball simply with words 'I love [Name of Girlfriend] and then you lift it up and pass it along above your heads in the pack crowd.
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