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What happened to the 3 attachments?

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I was in the Fur Pictures Only to start a thread and realized that the option to post 3 pictures in one post for me isn't working anymore. I can only attach one. Has this been changed? I know when the new board was launched it was 3 then.
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Due to all the problems with server space and attachments that we have been having lately, Anne may well have changed the option to one.
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Yes I have and I'm sorry I didn't post about it here. We are having major server problems and will have to either cut down drastically on attachments or upgrade to a new and very expensive server, or very likely do both... Hence there will be changes in the attachments posting privileges soon enough and they will be announced soon.
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No Problem Anne, I just thought that since I was a server hog, I was put on restriction Jk
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LOL Trust me Cathi you are not the server hog-
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Originally Posted by hissy
LOL Trust me Cathi you are not the server hog-
So who IS the server hog? Is this a potbelly issue or are we talking super swine?

I want to post pictures of my big toe (it was near a cat once) my shoe (they've been privy to cat poopie lots of times) and pictures of my favorite icecream containers (not near cats ever but they might be at the landfill) - Now because of someone with a stray pig running around on the server, I can't do this. I am sooooo bummed...

Maybe I could just post text descriptions. Might be fun.
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You can always use remote linking Mark. Check out the instructions on the new cats on the block section on how to post pictures.
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Victor, Mark was just kidding. (though it was pretty funny )
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LOL Mark- thanks for the giggles! The Server hog had over 989 attachments-

Short of sending out PM's to all members, I just finished going through the member list and deleting attachments. The criteria we used was anyone who has posted over 10 posts were checked out.If attachments were found, they were deleted if over a month old.

1820 attachments went into the cyber garbage, and prior to that over 2,000 attachments from really ancient posts went away.

It is our hope that this will help stop the recent crashes of the forums and the maddening email problems Anne and I have been encountering-
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OMG Hissy that is a lot! 989???? Holy Macaroni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I deleted all my attachments, I had 3 pages worth But there is one that I cannot remove for some reason, is there any way you can?
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