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Mother's Day Weather

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We had absolutely beautiful weather here (SE MN) today, with sunny skies and a high of about 85 degrees. Of course, some people thought it was too muggy, but I just loved it. However, the meterologists have been talking about potentially severe weather developing later today. And right now, the sky is full of really dark, heavy looking clouds..... well, actually those clouds look seriously scary and they seem really low, but so far, no storm!

I hope everyone enjoyed beautiful weather today!
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Rained like a sun of a gun here, windy and cold- WHERE did Spring go?
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Snowed like crazy here. Got about 3-5 inches! It was around 28'F as well.
(I see that most of the posters here are american so I took the liberty of doing the conversions )
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Spring? It feels like summer around here! It's been in the 80s for almost a week, which is very warm for Colorado, and since my apartment faces West we get the full force of the sun.

It was a beautiful day yesterday, though.
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We have been having wonderful weather lately - in the 80s I hope that is a sign of summer!
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It was just beautiful...we were at my in-laws and I looked out towards the woods in the backyard and saw beautiful little baby squirrels running around....it was the perfect day...the thing that touched me is my grandmother loved baby squirrels so when I saw them they radio was on and the song "I can only Imagine" came on (it was her favorite song too)...gave me goose bumps...later in the day we went to the cemetary and her headstone had flowers and cards all over it Oh, do I miss her so!
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hot hot hot in az
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it did nothing but rain and thunder over here
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