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Talk about a bad Mothers day for me

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Guys, I'm sitting here bawling right now, my next door neighbors little dautchunds just came down (something they rarely ever do) and attacked and killed the kitten that one of my feral mom-cats had just brought up to feed this morning. I was able to catch it at lunch, but it got away from me, if only I'd tried harder to bring it in, it would still be here. Hub has gone out to bury him, while I sit here trying to collect myself. I heard the ruckus, and went out and ran them off, was able to hold it while it took its last breaths, but was unable to do anything for it. R.I.P. little precious boy!
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Oh my gosh Cindy! I'm so sorry this happened!

Rest in peace little one.
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Oh Cindy, I am sorry, dachsunds are bred to hunt badgers and other underground dwellers and the kitten probably looked like prey to this dog. I am so sorry and I hope it was over quickly for the poor thing, I suspect it was.
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Cindy, I'm so sorry this terrible thing happened. Don't blame yourself. May the little one rest in peace, you were there for him and loved him.

Jill and Candy
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cindy thats terrible you did all you could its not your fault
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Thanks guys, I just wish I could have gotten to him a minute earlier, maybe he would still be here. I had a rough night last night, every time I tried to relax enough to go to sleep I'd start seeing him in my arms taking his last couple of breaths, so it was after midnight before I succeeded in going to sleep. Ok, gotta go now, gonna start in crying again, hub already thinks I'm nuts!
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Cindy,its horrable what happened to you and your precious little baby,but just try to remember he is in a better place now. R.I.P to him. GRRRR dacusands>
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You did your best, that's all you can do. The sweet boy died knowing love because of you and will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge.
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I am so sorry to hear about the situation, poor baby Please don't feel guilty, it was out of your control. At least you were there at those last moments. My heart goes out to you.

RIP sweet boy

Oh, and I am sure your hubby doesn't think your nuts, if anything, he knows how lucky he is to have such a wonderful, loving, caring wife by his side
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