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How do u keep a cat out of a window? Or even jumping on one??
Can anyone help me???
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Why would you want to keep a cat out of the window? They love to sit by the window and watch the world
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moving to flat not suppose to have a pet??
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Ahhh- well then, you might have a problem, short of putting up a barricade in the window that is sure to draw attention, it is very hard to keep a cat from the windowsill. The only thing I can suggest is to get about 3 cat posts and give your cat alternate places to be and hope the landlord doesn't catch you bringing in three large cat posts.
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Wow, I think you really should talk to the landlord and explain your situation. It's just not fair to force a cat to live where it might be "evicted." What happens when the landlord catches you coming from or going to the vet with a carrier? What if they do an inspection and find the cat? What if they do see the cat in the window? It gets sent to the pound and put to sleep? Or if you do keep the cat away from the window, don't you think that would be quite boring for the cat? Windows are "cat TV," as Ingrid Newkirk put it. Especially with a single cat, you'd have to work hard to provide it with sufficient stimulation.

Also, you give cats a bad name by being deceitful. You should explain that you're a responsible cat guardian. Assure the landlord that you're well aware of neglectful cat owners who don't take care of their cats and let their cats damage property, and that you actually encourage landlords to step in and stop the property damage and animal abuse in such cases, but that you're not one of them.

If the landlord catches you, he might just think "Oh well, they proved yet again that anyone with a cat is a lying, untrustworthy person, I'd really better never allow cats" and that just makes it harder for anyone with a cat to move in later.

Please take a look at this for more information: http://www.pets911.com/information/p...ting/index.php

That said, I do find that anything sticky cats tend to avoid. When I was growing cat grass in one windowsill and didn't want the kitties getting into it just as it sprouted, I put tape sticky-side up about one and a half cat body lengths from the pot on the sill. It worked fine.
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I handreared this cat froom 2 days old, cant give her up. Never been outside. i play with her all the time .she is my baby.I dont want to lie but i feel have to. Only chance of a place of my own.
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I can't even begin to count how many of our members have smuggled cats into apartments that only allow one cat, or none at all. We even have one member living in an RV park with 5 cats in their coach and none are allowed, so saying that it doesn't happen, is a bit unrealistic.

Although it would be better to come clean, and pay a hefty deposit for the ownership of the cat, I can well understand your attachment to this cat and the fact that you want her with you. If you are caught, you will probably have to give her up, or pay a fee for having her, depending on the mood of your landlord.

We do have a forum called Ask Animal Control where you can ask the host there Mark, how much problem it would be for you if you are caught. He just needs to know the county and state you live in to help you here.

We have members that are over the amount of cats that are allowed in their home as well, so I guess you can say we are all die-hard cat lovers- or most of us are.

You will really have a time of it to keep this cat out of the window though, as cats are just drawn to windows, and love to sit in the sun and even if you put cat grass up there, chances are you will soon have a cat sitting in the center of the grass.

It would be better to find a loving safe home for the kitten at least until you move in and can finally clear it with your landlord and pay the extra fee or jump through whatever hoop he or she offers you.

Best of luck with this-
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Vi...I tried that once actually...had 2 cats when I told my landlady I had 1. Eventually she paid a visit to my condo and I had to say that I had a new cat that I wanted to add to make my cat happy. She was fine with that as long as I paid my cat fee for 2 cats. My 2 cats sit at the window all day and I really cannot think of a way to keep a cat from wanting to venture to a window to watch birds and squirrels. I wish you luck.

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Since you've had her for a while, can't you get statements from your previous landlord that she's a nice, gentle cat? That could help tremendously, as would vet statements that she's spayed, up-to-date on shots, free of parasites, and so on. If she's friendly with strangers, invite the landlord for a visit. Here's part of a letter my friend sent to our landlord:

"My first cat has been living here with me since I moved in last August, my second since her adoption this January, and neither of my cats have ever caused any damage or complaint. The previous management had no problem with this, and provided a verbal statement to the shelter from which I adopted my second cat that up to two cats were permitted.

The cats are sterilized and microchipped, use their litterboxes, only go outside with harness and leash, receive veterinary care, and have a scratching post. Copies of records of vaccination, sterilization, and veterinary care can be provided upon request.

I would be willing to pay any reasonable deposit against any damages they may cause as needed."

So maybe he's not the best letter-writer in the world, but you get the idea. They ended up saying no problem, they just didn't want anyone moving in with huge dogs or something, and they amended the lease contract ^^

You said you can't give her up, and I'm glad. But if she did have to go, would you go with her? I don't know your situation or what your landlord's like, but all else being equal, I'd come clean and guarantee the safety of the cat. There's a reason reputable shelters ask where you live, whether pets are allowed, what you would do if you had to move, etc.

I hope it turns out well.
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If you do decide to try to convince the landlord to let you have the cat in your flat, tell him you will keep soft paws on the cat. Soft paws are a safe, hummane alternative to declawing and prevent the cat from doing any damage to the walls, carpet, drapes, furniture and etc. And just in case you're unfamiliar with this product, here's a link. http://www.softpaws.com/
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Thanks for all help. I have a home for her if i get catch, Im going to try anyway.
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I was evicted from an apartment because I had two cats instead of one. In my case, the landlord came to my apt. to see me. I thought one of them would run and hide if anyone came by. This day they both just sit where they could be seen.
Ever since then I have told the new landlords that I have two cats. They also know I will get another one if a cat would die. But I will never have more than two.
If anyone come to the apartment to repair something, I don't want them to leave the door open so the cat(s) can get out.
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