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Second May Forum Contest- Fun Time in Color!

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Anne has just created a new color style for the forums. If you click on the button below The Quick Style Chooser, where all the colors are available, you will see a new one called

Name Me

And that is the contest! You get to submit the names you believe we should call this new color. Cat-related is preferred- but not mandatory.

Enter your suggestions below, then at the end of the month, a poll will go up and the community can vote for the 5 best then we will have a second poll to narrow down the choices to one-

The winner will receive a nice gift package of cat related gifts, courtesy of and Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Gifts as well as Pet

So put your creative caps on and see if you can come up with what will be the winning title for this FUN contest!

And yes, this month we are holding two contests here, because the other contest is so selective- though just as much fun-
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"Tortitude Rules"
"I Love Calicos"
"Torties Rock"
"California Kitties"
"Kitty Surfing Safari"
"Mewsic for the Eyes"
.........can I think of more?
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I don't think there is a limit as long as you don't go overboard, we should be safe
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Maybe I'm blind but I can't find what you're talking about!!!
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Those Rockin Calicos
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Here's a few I came up with!

- Funky Felines

- Ocean Meows

- Meow Monsoon

- Orange Tabby Blues

- Futuristic Calico
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Originally Posted by stormy
Maybe I'm blind but I can't find what you're talking about!!!
Stormy, down at the very bottom of any of the forums page (even viewing or replying to a post) is a colored bar that contains a drop down menu along with links to Contact Us,, etc. If you haven't chosen, it will probably say "Default Style for the Forums", and you are looking at a white background with tan, cream and rust colors for the boxes.

My initial thoughts:

Bustin' Broncos (it's the colors of the Denver Broncos)
Calico Sunrise
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Stormy if you go to this page that lists all the forums

Scroll down and you will see a white space at the bottom that sets the different forum colors and styles- depending on what style you are viewing, it will depend on what it says- it could be in default, or night vision or??? Click there to find the one that says Name Me, that is the style we need a good name for-
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Thanks Hissy and Valanhb!
I knew it'd be something easy, sometimes I don't see things unless they bite me in the @**!!

How about ...

Maine Coon Cool
A Mixed Litter

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Funky Calicos.

Autumm Beach sunset

Sea Calicos

Ocean Calicos

Sea Kitties

Ocean Kitties

Beach Front

Sea Side

Water Front


Kitties on the sea

Sea faring kitties

Naughty Calicos

Blue flowers in Autumm

I hope I ain't going overboard.
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Orange Purrs

BiColor Kitty

Orange Eyes

Odd Eye Snuggles
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Here's a couple more!

- Blue Suede Shoes

- Creamsicle

- Bath Time!

- Blorange Tabby
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Merry Blueberry


Ocean Spray
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Great ideas! Keep them coming!
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Blue Velvet

Cats Eyes
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Artic Sunset

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Raining Cats and Dogs

Persian Blue's

Purring in Blue

Purring Snuggle Bugs
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Calico Blues

Multiple Cats

Calicos Rocking

Calico Litter

Calico Rock
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Ginger Blues
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- Water Bowl

- Cat Spa

- Tropical Tortie
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Calming kitty blue
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Seattle Blue!!
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Welcome Kitty

Kitty Fancy

Kittens Blues
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coral reef

rustic sunset
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Autumn Skye
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Tropical Paracats
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