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Exciting News

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We have been waiting and waiting for my ruddy male Abysinnian Merlot to figure out what he is supposed to do - well he must have figured it out when we weren't home one day because today the vet confirmed that Honey, our female red Aby is now about six weeks pregnant. Frannie and I co-own Honey and this is our first litter together - we are very excited. Besides loving Abys and impatiently waiting for the babies, this is also part of my qualification for the judging program I am in - to breed a grand champion. The kittens are due at the end of September.
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Congratulations! I knew the little bugger would figure it out sooner or later. Can't wait till the end of September!!

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Congratulations to you, Frannie and Rene!
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Congratulations Frannie and Rene! I also am due the end of September! Not kittens a baby!
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Congratulations Frannie and Rene! You must be thrilled!!
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