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New Here, wires and cord question

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Hi my name is Gail, and I just got a kitten for mothers day, she's a 'Smoke' breed, and her name is Abby.
My question for today is - how do I stop her from chewing on electrical cords and wiring, especially the ones going to my computer? She hasnt started yet but I dont want her to get any ideas either. Shes so far chewed the labels off of a cushion and the headphones to my cd player. I dont want her getting zapped or ruining my computer cords, I've tried tying them up and hiding them but she is small enough to be able to get to them still. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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there are plastic tubes you can buy to wrap the cords in. Similar to what you can put around your shower curtain rod (as decoration), but perhaps more flexible...
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p.s. Welcome! and congrats on the new kitty.

pictures are not only welcomed, but encourages
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Visit your nearest radio shack, they have the flexi-tube you can use to wrap around the cords. Another alternative is to duct tape the cords to a board, and flip the board over hiding the cords from view. You can also wipe some Bitter Apple Spray on the cords to deter her as well, though don't have anything plugged in while you do that.
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Thanks for your responses, thats an excellent idea with the board, I'll try that first, as the flexi tubing is (so I've been told) expensive. I guess so is having to replace a whole bunch of cords too!!!!
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you can also use bitter apple spray to deter her from the cords and btw welcome
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Welcome to the site and congrats on your new kitty I have had sucess with the bitter apple spray also.
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What I would recommend using is a product called "wire-loom" it is a plastic tubing that can be easily applied and is relatively low cost. Use ladder ties (or cable ties) to hold the loom to the wires so that it does move around (ensure the ends of the ties are clipped).

I am trying to think of a store in the USA which would have the best price on loom. A lot of automotive places will sell it as well as other electronic supply stores. And you can usually get a bag of it (6-12 feet) for around $6.99 US.

Congratulations on the new kitten, enjoy the site, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!
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I converted a bedroom into a computer room so I am not bothered with a cat coming in and chewing the wires. Placing your computer in another room and shutting the door would be a cheaper solution since the cat could chew through any type of plastic tubing you put around your computer wires.
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Welcome to the wide world of kitten/cat ownership.

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Welcome...and perfect name for your kitty as well!

I have all computer cords stuck to a bulliten (sp) board with fence nails and it faces the wall..the U shaped nails you can get at any hardware store for next to nothing. Sam used to get in behind my computer and hit the surge protector off button. I took an old rectangle cookie tin and cut a hole for the cord and put the surge strip under it so now its all nice and neat behind my desk.
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Wow thanks for all the suggestions and welcome notes, this is a really friendly site!! I'm going tonight to try and find something to hide the cords with, she hasnt taken any notice of them yet, but its a matter of time as her personality is starting to come out!! She's been racing around the house all morning like a maniac!!!
Thanks again

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Ahhh get acustomed to the racing around like a maniac
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What about all the other cords for other electrical appliances in your house? Don't forget to turn your speakers toward the wall to keep the kitty from clawing the front of your speakers or getting in behind your stereo and TV system. There are a lot of things to worry about, just like when you have children. My kittens didn't chew wires, but they did go behind things and get tangled in the wires so I had to rearrange the household until they got bigger and less inquisitive.
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