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This forum is intended for us to get your feedback and for users to bring up issues regarding the website.

When you bring up a problem, please do not slam the site or the mods. Please phrase your post carefully and avoid breaking any of the forums rules, specifically this one -

"Please note that this site is privately owned and operated. Moderators are not paid for their services and try to make TCS a pleasant experience for everyone. With that in mind, we ask that you refrain from posting complaints and negative feedback on the public forums as we have found this to be the least constructive form of criticism. If you are not pleased with the way this site is run, or have an issue with one of the team, you are welcome to contact the forums owner, Anne, at . Any post in violation of this rule will be edited or removed without prior notice."

Please feel free to either PM me or email me about anything that you're not sure if you can post here.

Why this rule?

We have found out the hard way over the years that when negative comments about this board were posted in public it never leads to anything constructive. They tend to end up as flame wars between members here.
I promise you that I am here for all your venting about the site. Your PM's to me will always get a polite reply.