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Depressed kitty still being vocal!! help

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Athena's depressed and she is slowly driving the whole house insane! She comes up to you like she wants you to love on her and then runs away, I posted early that she's been mewing through the house like crazy. However, i think i have the the answer that i was looking for, we were helping a goodfriend move out, she lives in the same building as us..... and she asked us to watch her two cats, so they didn't excaped while things were beign moved out. Needless to say that athena cruled right up with her black female and went to sleep. Then contiuned to play and be happy kitties, until they had to be taken to their new home and things just got worse with athena, now she's not even using her litter box all the time, she's have little accidents in the general area of the box...... so it's back to the vet on monday to make sure that nothing is wrong with her medicaly, and does anyone know of a goody kitty shrink?
Is their anything else i can try, other than giving in to her demands for another feline?
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I'm not up on her history- is she spayed? Some of what you describe could be beginning heat stages in a young cat.

It is good that you are taking her to the vet though, because if her routine changes a lot she can get stressed and get a UTI.
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Yes she is fixed has been for the past three months, she was a rescue that found a home, then ended up back with us, and this time she is staying, she has always been in a multi cat home....
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Just a suggestion, I am no expert. When you go to the vet on Monday, I would mention that you think kittie may be depressed. If they nothing physically wrong she can be given anti depressants which work marvellously, they don't need them for long before they are back to happy.
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i didn't know that they made anit depressants for kittys, and i'm not sure how i feel about putting her on them... as for side affects and such... i don't want to set her up for any health problems that could be avoided.
I'm pretty much anti mordern meds, for humans and pets, unless there is no other option...
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"the more, the merrier"

If you can afford it, then give in to her demands and try to get a kitty similar in age and sex as the other kitty she was with.

And good luck!
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I can afford another kitty, wouldn't mind having another one, just worried about what the other three people i live will say.... but at this point i think we all are tired on being awoke at odd hours to Athena's pittful meow's as she walks throught the house.
Well i guess the matter is solved... guess i'm going kitty campion hunting...she was with a two year old male osicat in her last home... i was thinking more long the lines of a dark tabby male.... with big green eyes.... uhmmmm how does one male match maker to a kitty?
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I have a new kitten myself, and she walked around crying up a storm the first day we had her, if we showed her undivided attention she was fine, but if we moved out of sight, she'd cry until she saw us again. However today (her 3rd day here), shes much more happy and hopefully (fingers crossed) realises that we're just in another room and havent left her all alone. I agree with everyone's suggestion of a second kitty, if I could have afforded it I would have rescued two from the shelter. Good Luck!!!
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I would also suggest getting her a friend if you can care for one. I'd look around for a shelter with competent adoption counseling--you can tell them their situation and they'll help pick out a cat most likely to get along with your current one.

But please don't be so anti-medication. There are some drugs with high rates of unpleasant side effects, but there are also very safe drugs that can help a lot. Cats generally respond less to behavior modification than dogs do, and medicating cats can be effective. If a drug is very risky, then yes, I'd only use it as a last resort, but otherwise...
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How about getting a kitten for her to be like a motherly type to? It might not work but it would be cute wouldn't it?

I had a year old female cat and then brought home a kitten and they took to each other immediately like mother and daughter. The kitten is a Ragdoll and is huge even though she is only about 9 or 10 months old, and she is getting larger then her "foster" mother who has the same exact amount of fur and same shape, only different colors. It is really adorable, Merlot, the kitten, plops herself down in front of India and India will groom her and then they will lay together.

Not to get off the subject but I really recommend Ragdoll cats as they are the most relaxed breed I have ever seen. They really do go completely limp when you pick them up. My Merlot loves to lay on her back in my arms with her head upside down and legs out in front of her. And you can do almost anything or put her in almost any position and she doesn't even care. Sorry to ramble on...
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