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Help needed ASAP!!!

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I know there aren't to many of us on her that are currently living in Colorado but I fugured I would get the word out and see what everyone on here can do to help out!!

A family member of mine is losing her home. She current owns 3 senior cats, 2 dogs, a talking bird, and a turtle.....That I know of right now may be more then this. The 3 senior cats I am going to try and re-home if possiable if not they will find a nice loving temporary home at a wonderful cat shelter Called the Cat care Society. The turtle and the bird are going to be coming to live with me. The bird will more then like be re homed with a friend it all depends on how Willow and Blade take to it. The biggest problem is the dogs. She got both of these dogs when she was working at a shelter. They were both to be put down they were considered unadoptable. But she wouldn't let that happen. So she took them in. Anyway! One of the dogs just recently had a stroke and is VERY ILL (I personally feel the poor thing should be put down) She refuses to turn him back over to the shelter what was working at because she knows they will just put him down and she wants him to get the medical attention he needs and to live as long as Vets can keep him alive. I have run out of options for these poor pups. All the shelters will more then likly put them down because of their age alone. Not to mention the fact that the one is VERY sick. I was just hoping that some of you out there could help with Idea's of what she can do. I told her about Pet finders but she has until Next saturday to find them all homes. I am planning of going and picking up the cats the bird and the turtle next saturday. And I would love to beable to help her with the dogs too. so Please any idea's or possiable homes are welcome!!!
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Post on the petfinder Urgent Forum:


What about contacting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary?


They are in Utah..but they are a GREAT place for "unadoptable" dogs. Not sure how the process works to get dogs into their program.

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sorry i do not have any advice but i really hope that you do find somewhere for them, good luk xxxx
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Poor babies I am sorry but I don't have any advice either, but I wanted to wish you good luck and tell you how wonderful it is that you are helping in this situation. My thooghts and prayers are with you and your family member, I hope everything works out for her and her babies
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Thanks for the Idea's Katie. I will let her know about the Best friends place! And thanks Everyong else for the thoughts and prayers. She really needs them right now.
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