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Gas vent

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For the last four days gas has been going up a nickel a day! GRRRR! I had to drive to Eugene tonight to get Racer's feed, I think it would have been cheaper to have shipped the 11 pound bag!
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Yep! Gas here just broke $2.00 for premium I remember 3 years ao when gas was $0.99 for regular I could fill my car up for uner $10. I just spent almost $17.00!
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Tucson hit the $2.00 mark, on Thursday. AAA says that the average price for regular is $1.95 but, the lowest that I've seen is $1.97.

If I just drive to work, I use 1 gallon per day. Most of the time, I can go two weeks, on a tank of gas and it costs me about $20.00 to fill up.

We're told that its is because the California refineries don't have the production capacity to meet the demand and the environmental regulations, as well as the NIMBYS won't let them expand or build new ones. Tucson gets most of its gas, from California (as well as other digestive upsets and pains.)
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I remember when it was less than $1.00 for gas.

$2.00 or so for premium?????

Ugh. Don't come here. Least expensive gas price for premium in the county is about $2.55 per gallon and about $2.25 or so for regular unleaded.

And my car takes premium........
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I was growling about the same thing today when I saw how much the price had gone up just since last night! You guys are making me feel good about $1.89 a gallon, though. At least it's not over $2.00 (yet). I have to fill up on the way home. Sure wish I had filled up a couple of days ago when it was "only" $1.78.
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We're feeling the effects over here too, it's going to go up to well over $1 a litre in the next few days. That's the equivalent of $3.78 a gallon! Grrrr.
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Wow and I was complaining about gas here at $1.81 a gallon for regular. I do know that premium is $2.01 a gallon but I don't use that one. I can remember when gas at one point and time was $.50 a gallon, yeah I know I'm getting old

Ken was talking about riding around the other night just for the heck of it. I told him he must be nuts since the gas prices are so high. We stayed home and snuggled on the couch which to me was a lot more fun
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Gas prices are getting higher and higher here in Maine too. I think we're seeing about $1.90+ for regular.

What stinks about the gas and oil prices going up, is our town was going to pave our road and a few others this year, but it's been cancelled until the prices of gas and oil go down. Our road is desperate to be paved too. It's been over 10 years and with heavy farm machenery traveling over it every day, it dosn't make for a smooth ride.
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Here its at around 1.28 a gallon, and people are screaming... but then again, prices and wages are lower here than in the states, so putting it relatively its scandalous.
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it's almost a $1 a LITRE here. Usually it costs me $55 to fill the tank, now it should cost me nearly $70.

There is a rumor that gas is supposed to get up to $1.50 A LITRE by the middle of the summer. YIKES!
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1 dollar a liter!!!! My goodness... I better get my tranquilizers.... is that canadian or american dollars?

Here its 32 cts and people are complaining its high.
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a dollar canadian. so pennies american then, lol.

acording to my calculations it would be 3.88 a gallon (Cdn.) which would be over $4 a gallon (US)
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I heard it's $5.00/gallon in Eurpoe!
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this is stupid.

but, on the other hand, at least we don't have to fill our vehicles with Coke or Milk or Nyquil! LOL
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Here in Southern California we've been paying over $2.00/gallon for the cheap stuff for almost a year now. It went up to about $2.20 earlier and then back down. I don't know how much it is now. DH fills the car for me so I won't have a stroke.
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Originally Posted by blondiecat
Ken was talking about riding around the other night just for the heck of it. I told him he must be nuts since the gas prices are so high. We stayed home and snuggled on the couch which to me was a lot more fun
Same scenario here last night, except I was the one wanting to go riding around. My b/f said are you crazy with these gas prices! It's cheaper to go to the movies
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Here in Los Angeles it's about $2.44 a gallon.
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Yep. Fueled up both cars yesterday. $2.51 a gallon.
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im just glad i dont drive
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gas here in az is 215 for the cheap stuff and up to 235 for prem
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Paid $2.30 today. Suppossed to go up through the summer like it usually does so can you imagine what it's going to be in a few months?!?!?
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ok - I had to do a bit of mathematical conversion here to work this out compared to australian prices - so here goes...

1 gallon = 3.79 litres

we pay 0.90cents (AUD $) per litre
therefore thats $3.33 AUD per gallon
which works out to be $2.31 USD per gallon

yup we are paying about the same!!! CRAZY!!!

I was filling up my car at least once a week sometimes twice when I was working in town and having to drive around to site meetings - thankfully I now work from home so I only fill up about once every 2 weeks
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Goodness , and I am complaining at $ 1.77 a gallon for the cheapest gas
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It's costing I think NZ$2.92 a ltre or something here in NZ at the moment, and it keeps going up. This time next year it will be at NZ$4.00 a ltre. Now that's very expensive.
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