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My kitty is so smart!

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We just installed cat doors on the interior of our house so that Lily can access the basement and our bedroom when the doors are closed. I haven't trained her at all yet because I'm still doing research on how to do it. Well, tonight, I thought I heard the one to the basement close from the family room. I go into the kitchen, where the door to the basement is, and there's no Lily. I open the basement door, and there she is, on the bottom of the stairs! She figured it out all on her own! What a smart kitty!

I think she thinks she's not supposed to go down there, because she scooted right back up when I opened the door. I did praise her, though, so maybe that helped.
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Lily is one smart cookie!

I am thinking of putting one of those in for my kitties to... Maybe Lily can give lessons?
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Wow, she's so smart! I'm sure she's laughing at the idea of you daring to "train" her!
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Lily, you are one clever kittie Perhaps she was readng the book over your shoulder.
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way to go Lily!!!!
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"Cool beans" Lily That's the way! Is Lily taking numbers to give lessons?
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Oh, I'm SURE Lily laughes at the thought of us "training" her. She sure does have a mind of her own.

As for lessons, I think Lily's a little too high-and-mighty. I could see her taking a "well, you're either smart enough or you're not" attitude.

Lily's got herself quite an attitude! You just gotta love her for it!

Maybe she's got an attitude because I post things like "My kitty is so smart"??
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LOL Well, we all have to brag on our kitties when they do something special! She IS a smart kitty!
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A guy I used to work with installed a kitty door between the den and the laundry room to keep his dog out of the kitty litter. He knew it would be easier than trying to retrain his dog since his dog was dumber than dirt! (It took 2 yrs to housetrain the dog! He would bring the dog outside, walk him for 30 minutes, and the dog would then poop in the middle of the kitchen)
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