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What is the most unique word/phrase your cat understands?

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And how do you know that he understands it?

Most cats who have been with their human a reasonable length of time learn at least a few words: their own name, "here, kitty," no, jump, etc. Some, however, learn words or phrases more unusual. In the case of my furbabies, it is obvious that they know exactly what I mean when I say, "I'm going to bed, Red Cat (or Purdy), if you'd like to come with me." Oh, to them it is no doubt, "imgoingtobedredcatifyoudliketocomewithme." I don't pretend that they understand the individual words. But they know enough that when they hear that, if they are lying on the floor in the computer room or sewing room where I am at, they get up, stretch, and head up the stairs to the bedroom ahead of me. Or if they are downstairs sleeping when I'm already upstairs and I call that to them, they come up within a minute or two.

So what unique words, phrases, or sentences does your cat understand?
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"treat" "chow chow", "almost done" "Bubbie, time to get your fluids", "down" and "out", "go see daddy", and Bookie<RB> understood "shush" and once she'd learned it, would take the volume of her "conversation" (she could be chatty" down by half.
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Sometimes I'm sitting on the couch watching tv with Snowball snuggled against me. When I say "mom has to get up" he makes a little chirping noise. Then when I start to get up, he will try to physically hold me down by putting both of his front legs on top of my leg. So far, doing this hasn't worked out very well for Snowball since I keep getting away...

He has other words and phrases he knows but I can't think of any of them right now!
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Let's see. My guys understand

fresh (goes with kibble)
one minute (When I'm telling them to wait)
It's clean (I'm talking about the litter box)
Who wants to get combed? (I know they understand this because when I say it, both go running into the kitchen where the comb is)
Who's going to sleep with me?

It's really amazing. My husband laughs at me, but I'm sure they understand!
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Dori understands night-night because she runs into my bedroom, she understands treat because she runs into the kitchen where the treats are, and then she also understands come here and get down. I am sure there are a few others, I just can't think of them right now.
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My kitties understand:

"Who wants some Kitty food??" (Meaning canned food)
They all get really excited and herd towards the kitchen.

Sasha understands "Pretty kitty Sasha boy" He rolls on his back to get petted when I say it to him
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"I HAVE A SURPRISE!" I say it when there's a special treat (like broiled seafood) or when I have a new toy. I swear all three drop whatever they are doing and come rushing and it's like a race of who gets to me first.
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Well, Sierra knows all of the usual words, her favorite of which being "snack" and "treat", and especially "special treat"! When I say "ready for bed?" she walks ahead of me to the bedroom. "let's take a shower" she goes in the bathroom and jumps up on the sink where she sits while I take a shower. "I have to go to work" she goes and sits by her talking snack ball because putting a few pieces of food in her ball is the last thing I do before I leave. There are so many examples, but that's all I can think of right now. We have wonderful communication! I usually feel like she knows me better than I know myself!
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Well Lets see... My herd knows the following.

1. "Wet Food" - Time for the good stuff.
2. "Window" - Daddy's going to open a window for us.
3. "Bedtime" - Humans are getting into bed...time for the bladder dance.
4. "Scoop the Poop" - Daddy going to clean our bathroom (litter boxes)

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Among other treats, I have a small jar of dried sardine things but the cats love them. I say to Vegemite, "Do you want some dried up fish heads?" and she runs to the place below the bench where I keep them.
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When I say "going to turn the light off now" two of my babes look up at the light to watch it go out.

When I say "are you hungry?" they all run into the kitchen.

"Do you want some Treats" they all run over to the treat cupboard.

"Lets get some fresh water" Buttons goes and splashes it all over the place before I have chance to change it.

"Got to go to work" they all stop what they are doing and stare at me (guilt trip).

When I tell Felix "don't scratch the chair, use one of the posts" immediately Buttons runs over to a scratch post and starts scratching.

There are so many things but they are the ones I can think of.
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'Treats' always gets a response in our house
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Let's see, The Sammycat and Oscar knows what "Come mere" means. They will both come running when I say that. If you say here kitty, kitty they will look at you like you have been smoking something strange and ignore you. "Get down" is one that they know real well. "Want something to eat?" is the one that they like the best and boy I think that is their favorite one "Time for night nite" is another one and The Sammycat, Oscar and Ceasar witll knock me down running to the bedroom. Gotta love those furbabies
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Ivo knows "up-up-up"-it's her cue to jump up on her kitty condo. Also, when I say "Want to see Uncle Brian?" she'll run to the front door and meow (he's my neighbor who takes care of Ivo when I'm gone).
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I don't say anything buty lately I can tell he knows when i am going to work. I have a routine and when I start it up, he slinks into a corner and won't purr if I pet him. He definetly knows his name, he comes to his name.
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Charlotte definitely understands her name, "play", "toy", "bedtime", "hungry", and "no". A few times when I was trying to make dinner in the kitchen, I made the comment "Do you have to take a poop and smell up the kitchen?". I swear she completely understood the phrase because she went over to the litter box a made a stinky!!
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Different cats know different phrases around here. Some of the humorous ones are:

"tummy slut" (said to Scarlett when she's snuggling and we want her on her back)
"love me" (said to Scarlett for the same purpose)
"bed time is sleepy time not play time" (to the general population when rambunctious in bed)
"pick me up" (said to Muddy when he stands on his hind legs for loving)
"don't even think about it" (when someone is about to jump on a countertop)
"you're a beautiful boy/girl" (gets them squinting their eyes with a very proud look on their faces)
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my kids understand phrases like:
mum mum.. meaning time for food
gai gai... meaning to go out and play
bye bye... meaning i'm going out
sleep sleep... meaning it's time to jump into bed

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Peppurr understands...

Wave (A trick I taught him)
Bed Time
The Litter Is Changed!
Treat Time

Zeus understands all of the above except for sit, stay and wave.

The kittens understand their names! Not much else yet.
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Zoey understands "Treat" and if it isn't her shrimp treats, she would, I think call me a liar.

Bari understands "Bird" and get's very excited at the mere mention of a "bird"
I managed to record his "chirping" at will soon post it on his webpage.
But you can try clicking the link below and I think it'll work for you.

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Sophie is too young to understand yet.

But with Rosie it's ' Do you want some sweeties?'(Treats).

'Come on, bedtime'.

'Do you want some dinner'
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my kitten is also a bit to young to understand yet, but he understands "dinertime" and "bed time" because as soon as i say this he run straight into my bedroom
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Oh, I thought of a couple more rather unique ones that Red Cat understands. He knows that "It's safe" means that any stranger, neighbor, or relative who has been here is gone and he can come out of his hiding place in the storage room.

"Go get 'em" is my invitation to Red Cat to go chase a crow or a gull off the railing of my deck. Red Cat is happy to accomodate. Purdy may know what that means, but is more reluctant to try to chase that large a bird.
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My boys know Its time for bed, they'll run up the stairs before me.
"OK, mommy has to get up now" usually disrupts their sleeping time in my lap. Frantic will jump down quickly, Pip will sit and look at me for a few seconds, then jump down.
If Pip can't find us, he'll sit in the middle of the room and cry. I'll call out We're in here and he'll come running in.
If Pipsqueek is using my carpet as a scratchpost, I'll just say Pip stop, and he'll walk over to the post.
When they were teething and playing hard as kittens, if they bit too hard, I just said OWWW! and they stopped. To this day, the word OW makes them stop whatever they are doing to look at me.
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"Who's got the mousie"- Sam runs to their basket and gets the mousie to play fetch.

"Get the mousie, bring it back"- Sam brings it back and drops it in my hand

"Want some food"- they wake from a dead sleep and run to the kitchen

"See who it is"- they run to the door and living room window

"Wanna go outside"- they run to the backdoor to sit on the porch
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Sam knows "The dog's here!"

I live above my work, and when I head downstairs in the morning, Sam usually runs ahead of me down the stairs. My co-worker started bringing his dog to work, and Sam hated the dog. (He's much better now, will just walk by and ignore the beast, instead of hissing, spitting and growling).

But if Sam is heading down the stairs, and I say "The dog's here!", he stops mid stride, stares at the door, and then runs back upstairs.
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Red Cat has learned a new phrase in the last few days. "Don't lick your belly!" He's been doing this for over a year now, he has licked all the fur off, the skin is rough and red, and he has had secondary infections. We've gone through umpteen tests. Today I brought home an e-collar, so I have yet to put that on him. If I can manage to keep that on him for a few weeks, that will tell us whether the problem is behavioral (as we suspect) or if it is a dermatology problem.
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They both know the usual words. Beau will come only if I say "Beau come" and not just call his name. This was hard for me to get used to. (I'm used to just calling the cats name).
Felicia tries to get me up 15-30 min before the alarm goes off. I always say to her: "Go lay down and wait for the alarm to go off." It might take a couple times, but she will go lay down.
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Lets see ...both cats know...you want to go outside? they will head for the door....also treat.....Cosmo ,if you ask him wheres his ball ...he stares at you as if he his thinking really hard..then he meows and goes looking for his ball and brings it to me.....such a cool cat.....Newman every night waits for us to go to bed...I will ask are you ready for night night...he will meow then race to the top of the stairs roll on his belly for a scratch then jump on the bed......then when its time for them to go to bed in the basement....well say time for bed boys...they jump up and race us to the basement door..
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my husband has made up this little 'song' for Tipsy whenever he wants to get his attention - its so funny (and he says he doesnt like cats!!!).
The words are - Tip, Tippers and the Tip Tipsters... Tipsy comes running whenever he hears this no matter what he is doing !!!
its so funny!!!
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