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RE:fading kitten

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i had a 10 day old kitten, it was doing well feeding etc. Then it took one big breath and died. Try everything to bring it back to life. Haves this happen to anyone else???
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Sadly this is common for newborns especially for orphaned babies, until you raise a lot of them and understand how fragile they are. You can do everything you know is right, and they can still die. That's why they have a name for this Fading Kitten Syndrome. There is no known reason why it happens, it is more than like a culmination of a lot of factors.

I am sorry the little one died, chances are you did nothing wrong, and everything right.
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This is my five kitten to hand rear, all the another surived. Im taking it hard maybe i did something wrong this time.It Sucks
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So sad but I don't think you have done anything wrong. It happens sadly, and we are always left with a guilt that shouldn't be there. So sorry
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It really depends a lot on how the kitten was before you got it....if it was on it's own...perhaps the mom knew it was sick and abandoned it. Sometimes, when a cat has had a lot of doesn't have as much to give to it's kittens and so they are simply weaker and have a much harder time of it. There is a really great woman who deals with neonatal kittens and she can definately answer any questions you have...her site is:

Her name is Jeri and she is always ready to answer emails.

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Ten days is so very very young. A lot depends at that point on how healthy and nourished the mother was able to be during the pregnancy, and whether the kitten is at least able to nurse once or twice before being orphaned. I'm so sorry, vi04, for yu and for these kittens.

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Like to say thanks to everyone for there relpy and support
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Originally Posted by vi04
This is my five kitten to hand rear, all the another surived. Im taking it hard maybe i did something wrong this time.It Sucks
I'm sorry about your kitten. But you didn't do anything wrong. Actually, you're having the same reaction that many moms who have lost their babies to SIDS have..."I must have done something wrong otherwise why did this happen". But sometimes things like this just happend. And that's not your fault...that's nobody's fault.
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here a pic of kitten (champ)
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My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry you lost your kitten. I believe you did nothing wrong. It just happens. It is sad. I know how bad you feel. You are an angel to care so much.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Love and Life,
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sorry for your loss you did everything you could for it
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RIP Champ Sorry for your loss.
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Thanks everyone for the support, i will still try to save another kittens that i come cross.
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Don't blame yourself even in the best it happens.
We did breed reg. Himalayan's it happens to them
we fed the queen high protien kitten chow and vitamians(sp)
we sitll had it to happen the vet said there was nothing that
would help.
You did all you could and that is all that matters.
You was there for the little guy he will be waiting
at bridge when you get there.
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I'm so sorry you lost little Champ. Please don't blame yourself in anyway, you provided the best care possible. I'm very glad to hear you say you will seek to help another sweet kitty in need, as it can be so difficult to allow yourself to care again after the loss of your baby.
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so sorry to hear of your loss try not to blame yourself though
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