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Kumbulu's kittens thread.

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I thought I'd stick to one thread where I'll post all my kitten pics, so this is it! Don't forget to check this thread often for more pics if you need a bit of a kitten fix.

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Thanks for the kitten fix Tania. They are so beautiful. They have come on fantastic.
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Tania, I want to say that I love seeing your kittens - because you do such good work with them, bringing them back from the brink to be healthy, beatuiful kitties. Kudos.

They are so hard to resist and I can't wait for more updates!
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Knowing that what you do is time consuming, worrisome and a lot of work- I bow to your means of TLC and compassionate care
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You are doign a great job- they are so cute
hope you find good homes for all of them
Best wishes
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Your babies are just so adorable! Look forward to checking back for more great pics! You're such a compassionate, caring individual for all you do for these kittens. Thank you so much for your love!
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Thankyou so much guys. Your support really means a lot to me.
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They are gorgeous
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I would love to take them all home They are so cute. I love the little orange balls of fur!!!
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They are so adorable!!!
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AWWW they look just like all of my kitties. TOO precious!

Good for you. You are an angel!
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Hi Tania,

What a great looking group of kitties. I would get so attached to them with all the hand rearing and stuff.

Keep up the good work.
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Awwwwww their so gorgeous
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oh Tania - they are just so adorable

you are doing an amazing job - your a gem such an honour to 'know' people like you!!!
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That makes me want a couple of more kittens.
Jeff says no more for now but if he saw the pictures...

Hey Jeff, come look at these pictures............

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They're irresistable! Tania, I really have to commend you for all your hard work saving kittens.
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Aaaaww!! Just so adorable I don't know what to do!
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Tania they are the sweetest things.
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Oh my gosh they are so beautiful!! I know it's really hard work, but looking into those little faces has to make the 2:00 a.m. feedings worth while....
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